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 NOVATO, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Software Toolworks, Inc., (NASDAQ-NMS: TWRX) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA(R)), today agreed to a three year license that will allow The Software Toolworks to develop a line of cartridge and CD-ROM-based sports products based on the NCAA's database of photographs; video clips; audio recordings; and player, coach and team statistics for all regular season and tournament play, including college basketball's "Final Four."
 The license includes the exclusive cartridge product rights to college basketball's "Final Four" for the term of the agreement, exclusive cartridge product rights for college football through Christmas of 1994, and non-exclusive rights to other individual and team college sports for the term of the agreement.
 The Software Toolworks is a leading publisher of education, edutainment, entertainment and multimedia software. The NCAA is the governing body for all intercollegiate athletics.
 "The NCAA is one of the best sports licenses available," said Bob Lloyd, chairman and CEO for The Software Toolworks. "It appeals to everyone from college graduates who follow their alma mater, to sports fans who follow the action. What we have licensed is history; a database of events that represents decades of the finest in sports entertainment. Products based on this license should generate enormous interest in the marketplace."
 According to the NCAA, 36 million fans attend college football games every year. Similarly, 28.5 million people go to college basketball games.
 "The Software Toolworks' position in the CD-ROM market and its experience in the video games side of the business, make it the perfect partner for the NCAA," said Jack Waters, director of licensing for NCAA. "It are uniquely qualified to bring our database to life in exciting cartridge games and deep, full, rich multimedia products."
 The Software Toolworks will develop two product lines based on the NCAA license, a line of cartridge games and a line of CD-ROM products.
 The first two cartridge products will be action-based recreations that will include the highest ranking college teams. The football game will feature the traditional race for the number one ranking position. The Final Four basketball game will focus on the annual NCAA tournament.
 The first three CD-ROM products will be compendiums that will include key events in NCAA history, famous plays, players and coaches, and great moments in sports.
 The NCAA basketball CD-ROM will include features on winning coaches and players, film clips of record setting events, and video highlights of the Final Four. A trivia section will also be included. What was the highest scoring game, the lowest, and who scored the most points in a single game are just a few of the questions that will test the users knowledge of the game.
 The NCAA football CD-ROM will include features on Heisman Trophy winners, "you make the call" and "video bloopers" of the plays that made you laugh and cry at the same time.
 NCAA Record Book will be the third CD-ROM product. A video almanac for all NCAA sports, this software title will feature highlights of major events, statistical backgrounds, NCAA champion rosters, and great players through time.
 The Software Toolworks holds a number of popular licenses including the Super Mario Bros. from Nintendo for a line of children's cartridge, disk and CD-ROM edutainment products, Star Wars(R) from Lucas Film for disk and CD-ROM based chess products, Captain America(TM) and The Avengers(TM) from Marvel Comics for cartridge based entertainment products, The San Diego Zoo(TM) for disk and CD-ROM edutainment products, and Battleship(TM) and Super Battleship(TM) from Milton Bradley for cartridge entertainment products.
 The company produces multimedia CD-ROM products for IBM(R) and compatible computers (MS-DOS and MPC), Macintosh(R), 3DO(TM) and Saga(TM) CD systems; disk-based products for Macintosh and IBM and compatible computers (MS-DOS and Windows); and cartridge products for Game Boy(R), Nintendo Entertainment System(R) (NES), Super NES(R), Sega(TM) Genesis(TM) and Sega(TM) Game Gear(TM).
 The Software Toolworks is headquartered in Novato, with offices in Chatsworth, Calif., Naperville, Ill., London, Dusseldorf, Paris, and Castle Hill, Australia. The company is listed on NASDAQ under TWRX.
 The NCAA headquarters is at 6201 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66211.
 All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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 /CONTACT: for media, Jeaneane Harter, 415-883-3000 ext. 520; for analysts, Vincent L. Turzo, 415-883-3000 ext. 568, both of The Software Toolworks/

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