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NCA Fall Conference: "Coffee In the New Economy" Held.

On October 26-27, 2000, the National Coffee Association(NCA) held their fall conference, Coffee in the New Economy, at the Millennium Hilton, in New York City's financial district. Attendees, who ranged from roasters and packers to importers and traders, had a choice of two programs to follow: Quest for Quality and New Age of Marketing.

Quest for Quality was a highly informative program, designed to give a complete overview of coffee, starting with its beginnings on the farm and following it up to brewing techniques as it reaches the table. Speakers included Paul Fisher, president of Tristao trading, who gave a basic course on how source procedures on the farm affect coffee quality and Karalynn McDermott from FETCo, reviewing the essential elements of good brewing principles and practices. Attendees also made special trips: to the NYBOT for a fun and lively mock trading session conducted by Mike Fichtel, president, and then to New Jersey for a tour of the Sara Lee-owned Superior-Wechsler roasting facility.

In a segment entitled "The Art & Science of Coffee Roasting," Robert Johnson, Bucks County Coffee; Jim Reynolds, Peet's Coffee & Tea; Rob Stephen, Dunkin Donuts explored the art of roasting with Robert Rucker, Nestle; Jack Newell, Jabez Burns; and Robert Hensley, Probat, who discussed its scientific aspect.

"Communicating Quality" provoked an involved discussion about the importance of educating the consumer about origin and roast of their coffee in order to help the industry. Mary Petitt of the Colombian Coffee Federation, Sipke de Schiffart of Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts, and Randy Layton of the Boyd Coffee Company, led the discussion.

The New Age of Marketing track gave marketing professionals, salespeople and coffee professionals interested in the marketing aspect of the industry an up-to-date look at the marketing and selling of coffee. ed discussions of e-commerce, market research, consumption trends, internet market research, product trends and more.

Guest speakers on the topic included Steven Williamson, president of Odwalla Beverages (which owns Fresh Samantha beverages), who spoke on how to establish brand leadership. Becky McKinnon, president of Timothy's World Coffee informed the attendees on new types of products appearing in cafes and on branded specialty coffee's new place in the foodservice, entertainment, financial service and other venues.

An informative and engaging two days proved yet again that the National Coffee Association continues to provide professionals with quality events relating to the coffee industry. NCA serves all segments of the U.S. coffee industry, from specialty to traditional companies. Its membership includes growers, exporters, importers and roasters, retailers, wholesaler/distributors and allied industry businesses. NCA provides members with national and international government affairs representation, market research, scientific research, educational resources, and public relations.
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