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NBWA unveils 5th ad for holiday season.

The holiday season has long been associated with travelling, festing, celebration and revelry. However, it is a dangerous time as well, and statistics shows that holiday travelers are at a higher risk for accidental injury than drivers at other times of the year.

With these facts in mind, the National Beer Wholesalers Association continued with its moderation ad campaign "Responsibility Never Takes a Holiday" with the promotion of its fifth holiday camera-ready advertisement.

"These ads have been very popular with our membership," said NBWA president Ron Sarasin. "They demonstrate that our members care about and are committed to the communities they serve. We are involved in all aspects of our communities and are indisputably, |Part of the Solution'."

In the past, NBWA members have helped distribute the ads to their local media. The group began its ready-to-print ad campaign ad campaign in May with an ad aimed at high school graduates bearing the message, "A Diploma Is Not a License to Drink." A July 4th ad then called for the "Spirit of MOderation."

Labor Day marked the occasion for the third ad, calling for caution while travelling "No Matter What Direction You're Going This Holiday Weekend." A fourth ad, released at Thanksgiving, asked readers to "Show Your Thanks by Acting Responsibly."
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Title Annotation:National Beer Wholesalers Association; advertisement
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 28, 1992
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