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NBWA sets annual meeting in San Francisco.

NBWA sets annual meeting in San Francisco

The National Beer Wholesalers Assn. has selected September 30-October 3 as the dates for its Annual Meeting, NBWA chairman Joe Burkett announced. The event will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Earlier this year, NBWA disclosed that its industry trade show, which in recent years had been conducted in concert with the Annual Convention, would be held on a biennial basis. The next such event is set for September 1991 in Las Vegas. Burkett stated that while NBWA is proceeding with modifications to the convention and trade show format as previously announced, some plans and schedules were in place that extend three and four years into the future. He indicated that this has required additional efforts to allow for an orderly implementation of some of the adjustments being made.

"We are continuing to move forward with there being more emphasis placed on our Spring Legislative Conference, but because of the relatively short period before the 1990 conference, we do not believe that it is practical or prudent to have that event attempt to also serve the purposes the fall convention has met in the past," Burkett said. "Having the event in San Francisco at the end of September will allow us to meet our requirements for an annual meeting and will also provide an opportunity to develop an appealing and enjoyable event that is both entertaining and interesting.

"Incoming Chairman Matt Dee, myself and all of the officers, as well as the Convention Committee, are united in our desire to achieve that goal," Burkett explained. "During this past year, NBWA has taken steps--via a long-range planning task force and an extensive membership survey--to identify some of these changes occurring both within our industry's structure as well as externally and gauge their impact on wholesalers. Our 1990 Annual Meeting sets the stage for the next logical step--namely, to examine how beer wholesalers can best respond to change to insure their survival and prosperity in the final decade of the 20th century."

Burkett added that the Annual Convention combined with the Spring Legislative meeting will "best serve the needs of today's wholesalers."
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Title Annotation:National Beer Wholesalers Association
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 8, 1990
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