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NBWA scores win on nat'l. deposit bill.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association scored a victory on Capitol Hill recently as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee soundly defeated an amendment to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which would have required forced national bottle deposits.

The amendment, offered by Sen. Jim Jeffords (R-VT), was defeated by a vote of 10-6.

Opposition to forced national deposits was one of five key issues lobbied on by more than 700 NBWA members and brewer representatives during the recent NBWA/Brewers Joint Legislative Conference.

As a result of the victory, NBWA president Ron Sarasin has urged all NBWA members to write the Senators and thank them if they voted against the amendment or express disappointment if they voted for it.

While NBWA has been active in lobbying against forced national bottle deposits, and clearly considers the vote a victory, Sarasin said caution was still needed. "Prospects for the underlying bill (RCRA) remain cloudy," he noted. "The Committee will resume consideration of amendments next week, and a Senate floor vote on the deposit amendment remains a possibility."

Sarasin cited NBWA's grassroots efforts as playing an instrumental role in defeating the amendment. "Clearly, the efforts of our members who took the time to contact their Senator made a difference," Sarasin explained. "And the vote, coming as it did in the wake of our Hill visits, underscores the success our members had in conveying NBWA's message on forced national deposits. United, we have, and will continue to make a difference."
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Title Annotation:National Beer Wholesalers Association; forced national bottle deposits
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 1, 1992
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