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NBWA promotes cultural aspects of beer.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association is beginning an effort to build a positive image for beer by highlighting its contributions to American culture. "When Americans sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner this year, they might want to include a favorite beer with the traditional holiday fare of turkey, cranberry sauce, vegetables and pumpkin pie," a recent release reads. "A golden-colored lighter beer, such as a pilsner or lager, is a tasty compliment to a turkey and oyster stuffing dinner. Heartier tastes like plum pudding and pumpkin pie are delicious with stronger, dark beers with a touch of bittersweet flavor, such as stout."

The NBWA release notes that beer helped fuel exploration and settlement of the New World. Tainted water supplies were common in Europe, and aboard ship, so early colonists packed plenty of beer. "Beer was a precious cargo on the [Mayflower]," NBWA notes, "a healthy nourishment and reminder of home."

The Pilgrims sailed for 65 days, and made landfall in Massachusetts in November, 1620. "They had hoped to sail further south, but due to a shortage in beer aboard the Mayflower, decided to land and settle in Massachusetts," NBWA notes, citing a quote from Pilgrim William Bradford, who wrote "We could not now take much time for further search, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer."

NBWA reports that a brewhouse was one of the first structures the Pilgrims built during the winter of 1621. "American beer in the 1600s was dark and cloudy, and flavored with hops," NBWA says. "It was very much like the beer that had been brewed in the Old World for hundreds of years. The Colonists certainly knew that beer was good for them and made it a major part of the American diet in the country's early years."
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Date:Nov 13, 2000
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