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NBWA kicks off "beer culture" effort.

Over the past decade, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) has taken on many of the tasks once performed by brewers associations in days gone by.

In the past decade, for example, NBWA has stepped into the vacuum left by the departed United States Brewers Association (R.I.P., 1986) to become a legislative affairs power-house in its own right.

Most recently, the NBWA has done something that America's large brewers appear reluctant to do, by talking unashamedly about the role beer can play in a moderate lifestyle.

The association has published a pamphlet (represented below) that lists a number of recipes using beer, and also discusses matching beer styles with food. The new NBWA program is reminiscent of similar beer & food efforts once a regular offering of the the old USBA.

For the new effort, however, NBWA has a very specific target--that great untapped female beer market

In a survey conducted last month among 1,000 women aged 21 and over, NBWA found that women are interested in the many varieties of beer available today, but only 39% felt "very comfortable" or "somewhat comfortable" in pairing beer with food, or selecting an appropriate beer for different dining occasions. In the survey, 61% of women were "not too comfortable" or "not at all comfort able" in selecting the appropriate beer.

"It's not surprising that so many women lack confidence in making selections on how to pair beer with food, or which beers work best at which social and dining occasions," said Tamara Mlynarczyk, director of public affairs for the NBWA. "But there are so many kinds of beer avail able on the market today, with so many different flavors, it is the perfect choice for entertaining. Various beers on the menu add interesting options to parties."

In a release accompanying the new pamphlet, NBWA even discusses the proper glassware for given styles, and discusses the best way to clean glass ware for retention of beer flavor.

"NBWA wants to introduce women to the idea of entertaining with beer, pairing it with food and making selections based on specific tastes," Mlynarczyk says.

For information on ordering a copy of the pamphlet, see below.
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