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NBWA endorses recycling proposal.

NBWA endorses recycling proposal

The National Beer Wholesalers Assn. Board of Directors recently announced it has endorsed the concept behind the Comprehensive Recycling Act (H.R. 945) introduced by Rep. Billy Tauzin (D-LA).

"The board felt this concept is a realistic approach to addressing the problems of municipal solid waste," NBWA president Ron Sarasin said. "Rather than the narrow focus of a forced national deposit bill, this legislation is a broad-based, encompassing idea that looks at all aspects of recycling."

Tauzin's bill, rather than mandating specific means of reducing the flow of waste into the nation's landfills, seeks to accomplish a 25-percent reduction in the waste stream by giving individual states the right to develop their own programs, and by offering federal funds and technical assistance to help start or expand such programs.

"It is easy for us to say we are opposed to legislation such as a forced national bottle deposit bill," Sarasin continued, "but the voice of opposition carries more credence when it can offer a positive alternative. NBWA feels the Tauzin proposal does just that.

"Unlike the forced deposit bill which is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to generate revenues for the federal government," Sarasin explained, "the Comprehensive Recycling Act is a positive approach offering real solutions to dealing with America's growing trash pile. NBWA's support of this innovative concept shows we are indeed a part of the solution."

The bill is expected to reach the floor of both the House and the Senate as an amendment to the Resource Conservation and Reclamation Reauthorization Act sometime during the current Congress.
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Title Annotation:National Beer Wholesalers Assn. Board of Directors
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 6, 1991
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