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NBWA Spring Conference draws large numbers.

NBWA Spring Conference draws large numbers

The National Beer Wholesalers Assn. Spring Legislative Conference, which was held in conjunction with joint brewers conferences this year in Washington, D.C., drew over 300 wholesalers from across the country, and witnessed nearly 570 attendees overall.

Those brewers attending the legislative conference were Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Miller Brewing Co., Coors Brewing Co., and the Stroh Brewery Co. Several representatives from the Beer Institute were also in attendance at the conference, as were executives from the individual state wholesaler organization.

After a Sunday night reception to welcome the attendees to Washington, the program began in earnest at Monday morning's meeting with guest speaker Senator Alan Dixon (D-IL).

Dixon, after recalling experiences of hauling cases and kegs into the basements of saloons in his youth and stating his general support of the nation's beer wholesalers, urged the FDIC to base its rates on the risk of the individual institution.

Dixon continued his address with a call for monetary caps on political campaigns, suggesting a maximum of $3 million-$4 million (the cost of Dixon's latest campaign).

Dixon also recomended that the President be given a line item veto in the budget process to allow him to strike some pork from the budget.

He concluded his speech with the call for legislation that would mandate a balanced budget every year.

After conference-goers received some insights and coaching on how to confront issues facing the industry, the Kennedy-Thurmond bills promoting alcohol advertising restrictions were discussed. Also on the agenda were the Tauzin-sponsored bill, promoting a multi-material solid waste solution instead of bottle bills, and the Special Occupation Tax (S.O.T), requiring wholesalers to sell only to retailers who could provide current proof of payment of this tax. Such legislation would basically force wholesalers to become unpaid tax collectors for the BATF, according to reports from NBWA members.

The meeting closed with the discussion of the proper etiquette when delivering PAC checks.

Following the conference, wholesalers were sent out to lobby their Senate and Congressional leaders.
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Title Annotation:National Beer Wholesalers Association Spring Legislative Conference
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 29, 1991
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