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NBHF Salutes New Inductees.

Executive Secretary Doug Walker announced that The National Bowhunters Hall of Fame (NBHF) presented its first inductees of the 21st Century at a ceremony in Las Vegas on February 23, at the Riviera Hotel in conjunction with the National Archery Trade Show/Tournament. The NBHF recognizes three categories: A. bowhunting excellence; B. excellence in designing/manufacturing archery equipment; C. literary excellence/organizational expertise. The latest inductees are Bowhunter Contributor Len Cardinale (category A); Bob Barrie, category B; and Judd Cooney (category C).

In addition, the NBHF has spotlighted inductees it has designated as "Bowhunting Legends of the 20th Century." Thirty-three men were inducted between 1972 and 1999 in the three categories. They are, in order of induction: Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, Howard Hill, Saxton Pope, Art Young, Doug Easton, John Yount, Earl Hoyt, Harry Drake, Roy Hoff, Will "Chief" Compton, Doug Walker, Ishi, Tom Jennings, Jim Dougherty, Chuck Saunders, Jim Easton, Roy Case, Freddie Troncoso, Jim Fletcher, Dave Gordon, Sr., Don Gordon, George Gordon, Gail Martin, Chuck Adams, Andy Simo, Art Laha, Myles Keller, John Musacchia, Sr., Dwight Schuh, Matt McPherson, Pete Shepley, and Randy Ulmer.
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Date:Jun 1, 2001
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