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NBER Working Papers

Paper Author(s) Title

11037 Philippe Jorion Bank Trading Risk and Systemic
11038 Kent Smetters Insuring Against Terrorism:
 The Policy Challenge
11039 Amy Finkelstein Dynamic Inefficiencies in
 Kathleen McGarry Insurance Markets: Evidence
 Amir Sufi from Long-Term Care Insurance
11040 Robert C. Feenstra World Trade Flows: 1962-2000
 Robert E. Lipsey
 Haiyan Deng
 Alyson C. Ma
 Hengyong Mo
11041 Martin D. D. Evans Do Currency Markets Absorb
 Richard K. Lyons News Quickly?
11042 Martin D. D. Evans Meese-Rogoff Redux: Micro-Based
 Richard K. Lyons Exchange Rate Forecasting
11043 Peter J. Klenow State-Dependent or Time-
 Oleksiy Kryvtsov Dependent Pricing: Does it
 Matter for Recent U.S.
11044 Juan Carlos Conesa On the Optimal Progressivity
 Dirk Krueger of the Income Tax Code
11045 Francesco Caselli Is Poland the Next Spain?
 Silvana Tenreyro
11046 Branko Milanovic Does Tariff Liberalization
 Lyn Squire Increase Wage Inequality?
 Some Empirical Evidence
11047 Itay Goldstein Foreign Direct Investment vs.
 Assaf Razin Foreign Portfolio Investment
11048 James Levinsohn Does Food Aid Harm the Poor?
 Margaret McMillan Household Evidence from
11049 Roland G. Fryer The Black-White Test Score
 Steven D. Levitt Gap Through Third Grade
11050 Claudio Michelacci Financial Markets and Wages
 Vincenzo Quadrini
11051 James R. Markusen A Mutli-Country Approach
 Anthony J. Venables to Factor-Proportions Trade
 and Trade Costs
11052 Jun Qian How Law and Institutions
 Philip E. Strahan Shape Financial Contracts:
 The Case of Bank Loans
11053 Steven D. Levitt Market Distortions when
 Chad Syverson Agents are Better Informed:
 The Value of Information in
 Real Estate
11054 Dongchul Cho Interest Rate, Inflation,
 and Housing Price:
 With an Emphasis on Chonsei
 Price in Korea
11055 Matthew B. Canzoneri How Do Monetary and Fiscal
 Robert E.. Cumby Policy Interact in the European
 Behzad T. Diba Monetary Union?
11056 Bennett T. McCallum A Monetary Policy Rule for
 Automatic Prevention of a
 Liquidity Trap
11057 Stanley L. Engerman Colonialism, Inequality, and
 Kenneth L. Sokoloff Paths of Development
11058 Price Fishback The Irony of Reform: Did Large
 Employers Subvert Workplace
 Safety Reform, 1869 to 1930?
11059 John Romalis NAFTA's and CUSFTA's Impact
 on International Trade
11060 Kent Smetters Measuring Social Security's
 Jagadeesh Gokhale Financial Problems
11061 Nelson C. Mark Changing Monetary Policy Rules,
 Learning, and Real Exchange
 Rate Dynamics
11062 Randall K. Morck The Global History of Corporate
 Lloyd Steier Governance: An Introduction
11063 Dana Goldman Wage and Benefit Changes in
 Neeraj Sood Response to Rising Health
 Arleen Leibowitz Insurance Costs
11064 Martin D.D. Evans Where are we Now? Real-Time
 Estimates of the Macroeconomy
11065 Fabio Canova Does it Cost to be Virtuous?
 Evi Pappa The Macroeconomic Effects of
 Fiscal Constraints
11066 Emma Aisbett Why are the Critics so
 Convinced that Globalization
 is Bad for the Poor?
11067 Michelle Hanlon Bank-Tax Conformity for
 Terry Shevlin Corporate Income:
 An Introduction to the Issues
11068 John R. Moran Income and the Use of Pres-
 Kosali Ilayperuma Simon cription Drugs by the Elderly
 Evidence from the Notch Cohorts
11069 Torben G. Andersen Practical Volatility and Cor-
 Time Bollerslev relation Modeling for Financial
 Peter F. Christoffersen Market Risk Management
 Francis X. Diebold
11070 Rene M. Stulz The Limits of Financial
11071 Patrick Bolton Structuring and Restructuring
 Olivier Jeanne Sovereign Debt: The Role
 of Seniority
11072 Austan Goolsbee How do Incumbents Respond
 Chad Syverson to the Threat of Entry?
 Evidence from the Major
11073 Brian Moyer Aggregation Issues in
 Marshall Reinsdorf Integrating and Accelerating
 Robert Yuskavage BEA's Accounts: Improved
 Methods for Calculating GDP
 by Industry
11074 James J. Choi Optimal Defaults and Active
 David Laibson Decisions
 Brigitte C. Madrian
 Andrew Metrick
11075 Mihir C. Desai Foreign Direct Investment and
 C. Fritz Foley the Domestic Capital Stock
 James R. Hines, Jr.
11076 Romain Ranciere Systemic Crises and Growth
 Aaron Tornell
 Frank Westermann
11077 Menzie D. Chinn Testing Uncovered Interest
 Guy Meredith Parity at Short and Long
 Horizons during the Post-
 Bretton Woods Era
11078 Simeon Djankov Private Credit in 129 Countries
 Caralee McLiesh
 Andrei Shleifer
11079 Rob Alessie Saving and Cohabitation: The
 Agar Brugliavini Economic Consequences of
 Guglielmo Weber Living with One's Parents in
 Italy and the Netherlands
11080 John Joseph Wallis Politics, Relief, and Reform:
 Price Fishback The Transformation of America's
 Shawn Kantor Social Welfare System during
 the New Deal
11081 Pinelopi K. Goldberg The Effects of the Colombian
 Nina Pavcnik Trade Liberalization on Urban
11082 Bart M. Lambrecht A Theory of Takeovers and
 Stewart C. Myers Disinvestment
11083 Andrew Atkeson A Dynamic Theory of Optimal
 Harold Cole Capital Structure and Executive
11084 Martin Feldstein Reducing the Risk of
 Investment- Based Social
 Security Reform
11085 Allan Drazen Electoral Manipulation via
 Marcela Eslava Expenditure Composition: Theory
 and Evidence
11086 Charles T. Clotfelter Federal Oversight, Local
 Helen F. Ladd Control, and the Specter of
 Jacob L. Vigdor "Resegregation" in Southern
11087 Robert Town Did the HMO Revolution Cause
 Douglas Wholey Hospital Consolidation?
 Roger Feldman
 Lawton R. Burns
11088 Mats Persson Time Consistency of Fiscal and
 Torsten Persson Monetary Policy: A Solution
 Lars E.O. Svensson
11089 Francis X. Diebold Modeling Bond Yields in
 Monika Piazzesi Finance and Macroeconomics
 Glenn D. Rudebusch
11090 Derek Neal Why Has Black-White Skill
 Convergence Stopped?
11091 Lara D. Shore-Sheppard Stemming the Tide? The Effect
 of Expanding Medicaid Eligi-
 bility on Health Insurance
11092 Ozge Senay Can Endogenous Changes in
 Alan Sutherland Price Flexibility Alter the
 Relative Welfare Performance
 of Exchange Rate Regimes?
11093 Boyan Jovanovic General Purpose Technologies
 Peter L. Rousseau
11094 Pol Antras Offshoring in a Knowledge
 Luis Garicano Economy
 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
11095 Patrick Bayer Residential Segregation in
 Robert McMillan General Equilibrium
 Kim Rueben
11096 David Cutler Water, Water, Everywhere:
 Grant Miller Municipal Finance and Water
 Supply in American Cities
11097 Edward L. Glaeser Urban Growth and Housing Supply
 Joseph Gyourko
 Raven E. Saks
11098 Martin Feldstein Structural Reform of Social
11099 Joseph J. Doyle Jr. Health Insurance, Treatment
 and Outcomes: Using Auto
 Accidents as Health Shocks
11100 David Cutler What Explains Differences in
 Edward Glaeser Smoking, Drinking, and Other
 Health-Related Behaviors?
11101 Kent Smetters Social Security Privatization
 with Elastic Labor Supply and
 Second-Best Taxes
11102 Seok-Kyun Hur Money Growth and Interest Rates
11103 Patrick de Fontnouvelle Implications of Alternative
 John Jordan Operational Risk Modeling
 Eric Rosengren Techniques
11104 Hanno Lustig The Cross-Section of Currency
 Adrien Verdelhan Risk Premia and U.S.
 Consumption Growth Risk
11105 Tim Robinson Monetary Policy, Asset-Price
 Andrew Stone Bubbles, and the Zero Lower
11106 Karen Wilson The Architecture of the System
 of National Accounts--A Three-
 Country Comparison: Canada,
 Australia, and United Kingdom
11107 John R. Baldwin The Integration of the Canadian
 Tarek M. Harchaoui Productivity Accounts within
 the System of National
 Accounts: Current Status and
 Challenges Ahead
11108 Nada Wasi Property Tax Limitations and
 Michelle J. White Mobility: The Lock-in Effect of
 California's Proposition 13
11109 Mark G. Duggan Estimating the Impact of
 William N. Evans Medical Innovation: The Case
 of HIV Antiretroviral
11110 Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau Testing out Contractual
 Diego Comin Incompleteness: Evidence from
11111 Andrew K. Rose The Foreign Service and Foreign
 Trade: Embassies as Export
11112 Michael W. Klein Capital Account Liberalization,
 Institutional Quality, and
 Economic Growth: Theory and
11113 Elizabeth U. Cascio Schooling and the AFQT:
 Ethan G. Lewis Evidence from School Entry Laws
11114 Thomas A. Abbott The Cost of U.S. Pharmaceutical
 John A. Vernon Price Reductions: A Financial
 Simulation Model of R&D
11115 Rexford E. Santerre Testing for Ownership Mix
 John A. Vernon Efficiency: The Case of the
 Nursing Home Industry
11116 Ali Hortacsu Order Flow and the Formation
 Samita Sareen of Dealer Bids: Information
 Flows and Strategic Behavior
 in the Government of Canada
 Securities Auctions
11117 J. Ernesto Lopez-Cordova The Globalization of Trade and
 Christopher M. Meissner Democracy, 1870-2000
11118 Richard Arnott An Integrated Model of Downtown
 Eren Inci Parking and Traffic Congestion
11119 John Y. Campbell The Term Structure of the
 Lui M. Viceira Risk-Return Tradeoff
11120 Alfonso Gambardella Proprietary vs. Public Domain
 Bronwyn H. Hall Licensing of Software and
 Research Products
11121 Isaac Ehrlich Social Security, Demographic
 Jinyoung Kim Trends, and Economic Growth:
 Theory and Evidence from the
 International Experience
11122 George M. Constantinides Junior is Rich: Bequests as
 John B. Donaldson Consumption
 Rajnish Mehra
11123 Ali Hortacsu Understanding Strategic Bidding
 Steven L. Puller in Restructured Electricity
 Markets: A Case Study of ERCOT
11124 Eric A. Hanushek Does Educational Tracking
 Ludger Wobmann Affect Performance and
 Inequality? Differences-in-
 Differences Evidence across
11125 Robert W. Fogel Reconsidering Expectations of
 Economic Growth after World
 War 11 from the Perspective of
11126 Marianne Bertrand Profitable Investments or
 Sendhil Mullainathan Dissipated Cash? Evidence on
 the Investment-Cash Flow
11127 Linda S. Goldberg Vehicle Currency Use in
 Cedric Tille International Trade
11128 Marie Thursby Shirking, Sharing Risk, and
 Jerry Thursby Shelving: The Role of
 Emmanuel Dechenaux University License Contracts
11129 Edward L. Glaeser Why Have Housing Prices Gone
 Joseph Gyourko Up?
 Raven E. Saks
11130 Jordi Gali Trends in Hours, Balanced
 Growth, and the Role of
 Technology in the Business
11131 Assaf Razin Evaluation of Exchange-Rate,
 Yona Rubinstein Capital Market, and Dollariza-
 tion Regimes in the Presence
 of Sudden Stops
11132 Hanno Lustig The Market Price of Aggregate
 Risk and the Wealth
11133 V.V. Chari Sudden Stops and Output Drops
 Patrick J. Kehoe
 Ellen R. McGrattan
11134 Torben G. Andersen A Framework for Exploring the
 Tim Bollerslev Macroeconomic Determinants of
 Francis X. Diebold Systematic Risk
 Jin (Ginger) Wu
11135 Michael Baker How Does Job-Protected
 Kevin Milligan Maternity Leave Affect Mothers'
11136 Josh Lerner Employment and Infant Health?
 Antoinette Schoar Smart Institutions, Foolish
 Wan Wong Choices?
 The Limited Partner Performance
11137 Olivier Blanchard The U.S. Current Account and
 Francesco Giavazzi the Dollar
 Filipa Sa
11138 Philip J. Cook Are Alcohol Excise Taxes Good
 Jan Ostermann For Us? Short and Long-Term
 Frank A. Sloan Effects on Mortality Rates
11139 Rexford Santerre Assessing Consumer Gains from
 John Vernon a Drug Price Control Policy in
 the U.S.
11140 Mihir A. Desai Constraining Managers without
 Robert J. Yetman Owners: Governance of the Not-
 for-Profit Enterprise
11141 Herschel I. Grossman The War Against Drug Producers
 Daniel Mejia
11142 James J. Heckman Lessons from the Technology
 of Skill Formation
11143 Chor-ching Gob Trade Protection and Industry
 Beata Smarzynska Javorcik Wage Structure in Poland
11144 Martin Lettau Why is Long-Horizon Equity
 Jessica Wachter Less Risky?
 A Duration-Based Explanation
 of the Value Premium
11145 Joshua Aizenman Financial Liberalizations in
 Latin America in the 1990s: A
11146 Michele Boldrin Fertility and Social Security
 Mariacristina De Nardi
 Larry E. Jones
11147 Giorgio E. Primiceri Why Inflation Rose and Fell:
 Policymakers' Beliefs and U.S.
 Postwar Stabilization Policy
11148 Steven R. Grenadier Investment Timing, Agency,
 Neng Wang and Information
11149 Michael Woodford Firm-Specific Capital and the
 New-Keynesian Phillips Curve
11150 Kala Krishna Understanding Rules of Origin
11151 Mitsuru Iwamura Monetary and Fiscal Policy
 Takeshi Kudo in a Liquidity Trap: The
 Tsutomu Watanabe Japanese Experience, 1999-
11152 David W. Galenson Anticipating Artistic Success
 (or, How to Beat the Art
 Market): Lessons from History
11153 Guillermo A. Calvo Sudden Stop, Financial Factors,
 Ernesto Talvi and Economic Collapse in Latin
 America: Learning from
 Argentina and Chile
11154 Eric A. Hanushek The Market for Teacher Quality
 John F. Kain
 Daniel M. O'Brien
 Steven G. Rivkin
11155 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas International Financial
 Helene Rey Adjustment
11156 Benjamin Chiao The Rules of Standard Setting
 Josh Lerner Organizations: An Empirical
 Jean Tirole Analysis
11157 Joseph H. Davis An Improved Annual Chronology
 of U.S. Business Cycles since
 the 1790s
11158 Ann Bartel Outsourcing and Technological
 Saul Lach Change
 Nachum Sicherman
11159 Casey B. Mulligan Selection, Investment, and
 Yona Rubinstein Women's Relative Wages Since
11160 Katherine Baicker The Labor Market Effects of
 Amitabh Chandra Rising Health Insurance
11161 James D. Hamilton What's Real About the Business
11162 Craig Doidge Private Benefits of Control,
 G. Andrew Karolyi Ownership, and the Cross-
 Karl V. Lins Listing Decision
 Darius P. Miller
 Rene M. Stulz
11163 John Laitner Estimating Life-Cycle
 Dan Silverman Parameters from Consumption
 Behavior at Retirement
11164 Neeraj Sood Technology, Monopoly, and the
 Abby Alpert Decline of the Viatical
 Jay Bhattacharya Settlements Industry
11165 Giancarlo Corsetti Productivity Spillovers, Terms
 Philippe Martin of Trade, and the "Home Market
 Paolo A. Pesenti Effect"
11166 Michael Ehrmann Stocks, Bonds, Money Markets,
 Marcel Fratzscher and Exchange Rates: Measuring
 Roberto Rigobon Financial Transmission
11167 Lars E.O. Svensson Monetary Policy with judgment:
 Forecast Targeting
11168 Josh Lerner What is the Impact of Software
 Feng Zhu Patent Shifts?: Evidence from
 Lotus v. Borland
11169 Peter Hecht Explaining Returns with Cash-
 Tuomo Vuolteenaho Flow Proxies
11170 Sebastian Edwards Capital Controls, Sudden Stops,
 and Current Account Reversals
11171 Torsten Persson Forms of Democracy, Policy, and
 Economic Development
11172 Jacques Mairesse Measurement and Explanation
 Laure Turner of the Intensity of Co-
 publication in Scientific
 Research: An Analysis at the
 Laboratory Level
11173 Michael D. Bordo Financial Crises, 1880-1913:
 Christopher M. Meissner The Role of Foreign Currency
11174 Don Fullerton Cost-Effective Policies to
 Li Gan Reduce Vehicle Emissions
11175 Jorge F. Balat Globalization and Comple-
 Guido Porto mentary Policies: Poverty
 Impacts in Rural Zambia
11176 Douglas E. Levy The Effect of the 1998 Master
 Ellen Meara Settlement on Prenatal Smoking
11177 Patricia M. Anderson Reading, Writing, and
 Kristin F. Butcher Raisinets: Are School Finances
 Contributing to Children's
11178 Ceyhun Bora Durdu Are Asset Price Guarantees
 Enrique G. Mendoza Useful for Preventing Sudden
 Stops? A Quantitative Investi-
 gation of the Globalization
 Hazard-Moral Hazard Tradeoff
11179 Yu-Chu Shen Out-of-Pocket Health Spending
 Joshua McFeeters Between Low- and High-Income
 Populations: Who is at Risk of
 Having High Financial Burdens?
11180 George-Marios Angeletos Uninsured Idiosyncratic
 Investment Risk and Aggregate
11181 Lynne G. Zucker Socio-economic Impact of
 Michael R. Darby Nanoscale Science: Initial
 Results and NanoBank
11182 Robert S. Huckman Cohort Turnover and
 Jason Barro Productivity: The July
 Phenomenon in Teaching
11183 Robert E. Hall Employment Efficiency and
 Sticky Wages: Evidence from
 Flows in the Labor Market
11184 Deborah Swenson Outsourcing Price Decisions:
 Evidence from U.S. 9802 Imports
11185 Mikhail Golosov Optimal Taxation with Endo-
 Aleh Tsyvinski genous Insurance Markets
11186 Robert E. Hall The Amplification of Unemploy-
 ment Fluctuations through
11187 Ann M. Lawson Integrating Industry and
 Brian C. Moyer National Economic Accounts:
 Sumiye Okubo First Steps and Future
 Mark A. Planting Improvements
11188 Torben G. Anderson Volatility Forecasting
 Tim Bollerslev
 Peter F. Christoffersen
 Francis X. Diebold
11189 Orley Ashenfelter Strategic Bargaining Behavior,
 Gordon Dahl Self-Serving Biases, and the
 Role of Expert Agents: An
 Empirical Study of Final-Offer
11190 Gary Gorton Special Purpose Vehicle
 Nicholas Souleles and Securitization
11191 Christian Helliwig Self-Fulfilling Currency
 Arijit Mukherji Crises: The Role of Interest
 Aleh Tsyvinski Rates
11192 Rexford E. Santerre Hospital Ownership Mix
 John A. Vernon Efficiency in the U.S.: An
 Exploratory Study
11193 John H. Cochrane Financial Market and the Real
11194 David N. Figlio Testing, Crime, and Punishment
11195 David N. Figlio Names, Expectations, and the
 Black-White Test Score Gap
11196 Assaf Razin Corporate Taxation and
 Yona Rubinstein Bilateral FDI with Threshold
 Efraim Sadka Barriers
11197 Woojin Kim Do Firms Go Public to Raise
 Michael S. Weisbach Capital?
11198 Barry Eichengreen The IMF in a World of Private
 Kenneth Kletzer Capital Markets
 Ashoka Mody
11199 Jeffrey A. Frankel Slow Pass-through Around the
 David C. Parsley World: A New Import for
 Shang-Jin Wei Developing Countries?
11200 Nicholas Chan Systemic Risk and Hedge Funds
 Mila Getmansky
 Shane M. Haas
 Andrew W. Lo
11201 Daron Acemoglu Competition and Efficiency in
 Asuman Ozdaglar Congested Markets
11202 Chang-Tai Hsieh Did Iraq Cheat the United
 Enrico Moretti Nations? Underpricing, Bribes,
 and the Oil for Food Program
11203 Robert Inman Financing Cities
11204 Daron Acemoglu From Education to Democracy?
 Simon Johnson
 James A. Robinson
 Pierre Yared
11205 Daron Acemoglu Income and Democracy
 Simon Johnson
 James A. Robinson
 Pierre Yared
11206 Sukkoo Kim Industrialization and
 Urbanization: Did the Steam
 Engine Contribute to the
 Growth of Cities in the United
11207 Chulhee Lee Health, Information, and
 Migration: Geographic Mobility
 of Union Army Veterans, 1860-80
11208 Roland Benabou Belief in a Just World and
 Jean Tirole Redistributive Politics
11209 Charles Engel Equivalence Results for Optimal
 Pass-Through, Optimal Indexing
 to Exchange Rates, and Optimal
 Choice of Currency for Export
11210 H. Naci Mocan Asymmetric Crime Cycles
 Turan G. Bali
11211 Stefano Della Vigna Attention, Demographics, and
 Joshua M. Pollet the Stock Market
11212 Troy Davig Fluctuating Macro Policies and
 Eric M. Leeper the Fiscal Theory
11213 Suzanne Scotchmer Affirmative Action in
11214 Genevieve Boyreau-Debray Pitfalls of State-Dominated
 Shang Jin Wei Financial Systems: The Case
 of China
11215 Jesse Rothstein Does Competition Among Public
 Schools Benefit Students and
 Taxpayers? A Comment on Hoxby
11216 Caroline M. Hoxby Competition Among Public
 Schools: A Reply to Rothstein
11217 George J. Borjas The Labor Market Impact of
 High-Skill Immigration
11218 Dana Goldman Socioeconomic Differences in
 James P. Smith the Adoption of New Medical
11219 Joshua D. Angrist Rural Windfall or a New
 Adriana Kugler Resource Curse? Coca,
 Income, and Civil Conflict
 in Colombia
11220 Richard K. Lyons An Information Approach to
 Michael J. Moore International Currencies
11221 Daniel Trefler The Structure of Factor
 Susan Chun Zhu Content Predictions
11222 Claude B. Erb The Tactical and Strategic
 Campbell R. Harvey Value of Commodity Futures
11223 John Cawley The Competitive Effects of
 John A. Rizzo Drug Withdrawals
11224 Thorsten Beck SMEs, Growth, and Poverty
 Ash Demirguc-Kunt
 Ross Levine
11225 Robert S. Pindyck Pricing Capital Under
 Mandatory Unbundling and
 Facilities Sharing
11226 Daniel P. Kessler The Effects of Competition
 Jeffrey J. Geppert on Variation in the Quality
 and Cost of Medical Care
11227 A. Mitchell Polinsky A Damage-Revelation Rationale
 Daniel L. Rubinfeld for Coupon Remedies
11228 Joshua Aizenman Globalization and Taste
 Eileen L. Brooks Convergence: The Case of
 Wine and Beer
11229 Joseph Golec Pharmaceutical Stock Price
 Shantaram Hegde Reactions to Price Constraint
 John Vernon Threats and Firm-Level R&D
11230 Francine D. Blau Changes in the Labor Supply
 Lawrence M. Kahn Behavior of Married Women:
11231 Lee J. Alston Time on the Ladder: Career
 Joseph P. Ferrie Mobility in Agriculture,
11232 O G Dayaratna Banda Beyond Goods and Services:
 John Whalley ASEAN Countries
11233 Robert W. Fogel Changes in the Physiology of
 Aging during the Twentieth
11234 Melissa S. Kearney The Economic Winners and Losers
 of Legalized Gambling
11235 Daron Acemoglu Constitutions, Politics, and
 Economics: A Review Essay of
 Persson and Tabellini's "The
 Economic Effect of
11236 Philippe Aghion Choosing Electoral Rules:
 Alberto Alesina Theory and Evidence from U.S.
 Francesco Trebbi Cities
11237 Harold L. Cole Deflation and the International
 Lee E. Ohanian Great Depression: A Produc-
 Ron Leung tivity Puzzle
11238 Erdal Tekin Suicidal Behavior and the
 Sara Markowitz Labor Market Productivity of
 Young Adults
11239 Robert A. Pollak Bargaining Power in a Marriage:
 Earnings, Wage Rates, and
 Household Production
11240 June E. O'Neill What Do Wage Differentials
 Dave M. O'Neill Tell Us about Labor Market
11241 Mihir A. Desai Corporate Tax Avoidance and
 Dhammika Dharmapala Firm Values
11242 Joshua Aizenman Ex Ante Carrots instead of Ex
 Post Sticks
11243 Andrew W. Lo Fear and Greed in Financial
 Dmitry V. Repin Markets: A Clinical Study of
 Brett N. Steenbarger Day-Traders
11244 Ya-Hwei Yang Deflation and Monetary Policy
 Jia-Dong Shea in Taiwan
11245 Robert E. Hall The Limited Influence of
 Paul R. Milgrom Unemployment on the Wage
11246 Price V. Fishback Births, Deaths, and New Deal
 Michael R. Haines Relief during the Great
 Shawn Kantor Depression
11247 Luca Benzoni Portfolio Choice over the
 Pierre Collin-Dufresne life-Cycle in the Presence
 Robert S. Goldstein of "Trickle Down" Labor Income
11248 Li Gan The Thick Market Effect on
 Qinghua Zhang Local Unemployment Rate
11249 Martin Feldstein The Euro and the Stability Pact
11250 Martin Feldstein Rethinking Social Insurance
11251 Jonathan Skinner Technology Adoption From
 Douglas Staiger Hybrid Corn to Beta Blockers
11252 Eric A. Hanushek Charter School Quality and
 John F. Kain Parental Decision Making
 Steven G. Rivkin with School Choice
 Gregory F. Branch
11253 Jason Long A Tale of Two Labor Markets:
 Joseph Ferric Intergenerational Occupational
 Mobility in Britain and the
 U.S. Since 1850
11254 Olubunmi Faleye When Labor Has a Voice in
 Vikas Mehrotra Corporate Governance
 Randall Morck
11255 Tom Krebs Trade Policy, Income Risk,
 Pravin Krishna and Welfare
 William Maloney
11256 Kenneth A. Carow How Has Financial Modernization
 Edward J. Kane Affected Corporate Customers?
 Rajesh P. Narayanan
11257 Adam Copeland Prices, Production, and
 Wendy Dunn Inventories over the Automotive
 George Hall Model Year
11258 Federico Echenique On the Measurement of
 Roland G. Fryer Segregation
11259 James J. Heckman Structural Equations, Treatment
 Edward Vytlacil Effects, and Econometric
 Policy Evaluation
11260 Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. School-to-Career and Post-
 David Neumark Secondary Education: Evidence
 from the Philadelphia Educa-
 tional Longitudinal Study
11261 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg Firm Dynamics in the Aggregate
 Mark L.J. Wright Economy
11262 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg Urban Structure and Growth
 Mark L.J. Wright
11263 Jay Bhattacharya Treatment Effect Bounds: An
 Azeeem Shaikh Application to Swan-Ganz
 Edward Vytlacil Catherization
11264 Shamena Anwar An Alternative Test of Racial
 Hanming Fang Prejudice in Motor Vehicle
11265 Nicola Gennaioli The Evolution of Precedent
 Andrei Shleifer
11266 William N. Goetzmann British Investment Overseas,
 Andrey D. Ukhov 1870-1913: A Modern Portfolio
 Theory Approach
11267 Roger Gordon Tax Structure in Developing
 Wei Li Countries: Many Puzzles and
 a Possible Explanation
11268 Raquel Fernandez Culture: An Empirical
 Alessandra Fogli Investigation of Beliefs,
 Work, and Fertility
11269 Giovanni Facchini Protection for Sale with
 Johannes Van Biesebroeck Imperfect Rent Capturing
 Gerald Willman
11270 Cade Massey Overconfidence vs. Market
 Richard H. Thaler Efficiency in the National
 Football League
11271 Ivica Dus Betting on Death and Capital
 Raimond Maurer Markets in Retirement: A
 Olivia S. Mitchell Shortfall Risk Analysis of
 Life Annuities
11272 Justin M. Dubas Effective Exchange Rate
 Byung-Joo Lee Classifications and Growth
 Nelson C. Mark
11273 Lee J. Alston Pork for Policy: Executive and
 Bernardo Mueller Legislative Exchange in Brazil
11274 Jeffrey Frankel On the Renminbi: The Choice
 between Adjustment under a
 Fixed Exchange Rate and
 Adjustment under a Flexible
11275 Daron Acemuglu Politics and Economics in Weak
 and Strong States
11276 Michael F. Gallmeyer Taylor Rules, McCallum Rules,
 Burton Hollifield and the Term Structure of
 Stanley E. Zin Interest Rates
11277 David N. Figlio Boys Named Sue: Disruptive
 Children and their Peers
11278 Alberto Alesina Work and Leisure in the U.S.
 Edward Glaeser and Europe: Why So Different?
 Bruce Sacerdote
11279 Gordon B. Dahl The Impact of Family Income on
 Lance Lochner Child Achievement
11280 Mitchell A. Petersen Estimating Standard Errors in
 Finance Panel Data Sets:
 Comparing Approaches
11281 George J. Borjas The Evolution of the Mexican-
 Lawrence F. Katz Born Workforce in the United
11282 Marie Connolly Rockonomics: The Economics
 Alan B. Krueger of Popular Music
11283 Kala Krishna Conditional Policies in General
11284 Steven Shavell Contracts, Holdup, and Legal
11285 Jean Boivin Understanding and Comparing
 Serena Ng Factor-Based Forecasts
11286 Richard B. Freeman Labor Market Institutions
 Without Blinders: The Debate
 over Flexibility and Labor
 Market Performance
11287 Jonathan Guryan Lucky Stores, Gambling, and
 Melissa S. Kearney Addiction: Empirical Evidence
 from State Lottery Sales
11288 Ernst R. Berndt Advanced Purchase Commitments
 Rachel Glennerster for a Malaria Vaccine:
 Michael R. Kremer Estimating Costs and
 Jean Lee Effectiveness
 Ruth Levine
 Georg Weizsacker
 Heidi Williams
11289 Nava Ashraf My Policies or Yours: Have
 Margaret McMillan OECD Agricultural Policies
 Alix Peterson Zwane Affected Incomes in Developing
11290 Jonathan Gruber Social Security Programs and
 David Wise Retirement around the World:
 Fiscal Implications,
 Introduction, and Summary
11291 Mark Carlson Branch Banking, Bank Compe-
 Kris James Mitchener tition, and Financial Stability
11292 Josh Lerner Contractibility and the Design
 Ulrike Malmendier of Research Agreements
11293 Ricardo J. Caballero A Quantitative Model of Sudden
 Stavros Panageas Stops and External Liquidity
11294 Armando Gomes Why Do Public Firms Issue
 Gordon Phillips Private and Public Securities?
11295 David M. Cutler Is the Melting Pot Still Hot?
 Edward L. Glaeser Explaining the Resurgence of
 Jacob L. Vigdor Immigrant Segregation
11296 Jaume Ventura A Global View of Economic
11297 Ricardo Reis The Time-Series Properties of
 Aggregate Consumption:
11298 Richard B. Freeman From the Webbs to the Web: the
 Contribution of the Internet
 to Reviving Union Fortunes
11299 Bruce A. Blonigen A Review of the Empirical
 literature on FDI Determinants
11300 Robert J. Shiller The Life-Cycle Personal
 Accounts Proposal for Social
 Security: A Review
11301 Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan Net Capital Flows and
 Ariell Reshef Productivity: Evidence from
 Bent E. Sorensen U.S. States
 Oved Yosha
11302 Dalton Conley Parental Educational Investment
 Rebecca Glauber and Children's
 Academic Risk: Estimates of the
 Impact of Sibship Size and
 Birth Order from Exogenous
 Variation in Fertility
11303 Jay Bhattacharya The Incidence of the Health-
 M. Kate Bundorf care Costs of Obesity
11304 Cathy J. Bradley Employment-Contingent Health
 David Neumark Insurance, Illness, and Labor
 Zhehui Luo Supply of Women: Evidence from
 Heather L. Benarek Married Women with Breast
11305 Guillermo A. Calvo Crises in Emerging Market
 Economies: A Global Perspective
11306 Eswar Prasad The Chinese Approach to Capital
 Shang Jin Wei Inflows: Patterns and Possible
11307 Igal Hendel Measuring the Implications of
 Aviv Nevo Sales and Consumer Inventory
11308 Angus Deaton The Great Escape: A Review
 Essay on Fogel's The Escape
 from Hunger and Premature
 Death, 1700-2100
11309 David Card Does Voting Technology Affect
 Enrico Moretti Election Outcomes?
 Touch-screen Voting and the
 2004 Presidential Election
11310 Robert J. Barro Rare Events and the Equity
11311 Don Fullerton The General Equilibrium
 Garth Heutel Incidence of Environmental
11312 Torben G. Andersen Real-Time Price Discovery in
 Tim Bollerslev Stock, Bond, and Foreign
 Francis X. Diebold Exchange Markets
 Clara Vega
11313 Jeff Dominitz Measuring and Interpreting
 Charles F. Manski Expectations of Equity Returns
11314 Jean Boivin Has U.S. Monetary Policy
 Changed? Evidence from Drifting
 Coefficients and Real-Time Data
11315 William Jack Employee-Cost Sharing and
 Arik Levinson the Welfare Effects of Flexible
 Sjamsu Rahardja Spending Accounts
11316 Naci Mocan The Determinants of the
 Erdal Tekin Willingness to be an Organ
11317 Matias Iaryczower Judicial Lobbying: The Politics
 Pablo Spiller of Labor Law Constitutional
 Mariano Tommasi Interpretation
11318 Roland G. Fryer Measuring the Impact of Crack
 Paul S. Heaton Cocaine
 Steven D. Levitt
 Kevin M. Murphy
11319 William O. Brown Volatility in an Era of
 Richard C. K. Burdekin Reduced Uncertainty:
 Marc D. Weidenmier Lessons from Pax Britannica
11320 Dalton Conley Sibling Similarity and
 Rebecca Glauber Difference in Socioeconomic
 Status: Life Course and Family
 Resource Effects
11321 Jean O. Lanjouw Patents, Price Controls, and
 Access to New Drugs: How Policy
 Affects Global Market Entry
11322 Lu Zhang Anomalies
11323 Murillo Campbello Expected Returns, Yield
 Long Chen Spreads, and Asset Pricing
 Lu Zhang Tests
11324 Joseph P. Ferrie The End of American
 Exceptionalism? Mobility in
 the U.S. Since 1850
11325 Eric P. Bettinger Addressing the Needs of
 Bridget Terry Long Under-Prepared Students in
 Higher Education: Does College
 Remediation Work?
11326 Naiping Liu The Value Spread as a
 Lu Zhang Predictor of Returns
11327 Thomas S. Dee Forsaking All Others? The
 Effects of "Gay Marriage" on
 Risky Sex
11328 Gordon B. Dahl Myopic Matrimony and Dropout
 Decisions: Evidence Using State
 Laws for Marriage, Schooling,
 and Work
11329 Patric H. Hendershott Evidence on Rationality in
 Commercial Property Markets:
 Robert J. Hendershott An Interpretation and Critique
 Bryan D. MacGregor
11330 Jeffrey R. Campbell The Role of Collateralized
 Zvi Hercowitz Household Debt in Macroeconomic
11331 Flavio Cunha Interpreting the Evidence on
 James J. Heckman Life-Cycle Skill Formation
 Lance Lochner
 Dimitriy V. Masterov


304 Ulrich Doraszelski Avoiding the Curse of
 Kenneth L. Judd Dimensionality in Dynamic
 Stochastic Games
305 Todd E. Clark Using Out-of-Sample Mean
 Kenneth D. West Squared Prediction Errors to
 Test the Martingale Difference
306 James J. Heckman Structural Equations, Treatment
 Edward Vytlacil Effects, and Econometric Policy
307 Azeem Shaikh Threshold Crossing Models and
 Edward Vydacil Bounds on Treatment Effects:
 A Nonparametric Analysis
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