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I'll start by assuming nothing--NBD stands for Never Been Done. In skateboarding's pioneer days, NBDs were low-hanging fruit. Shit, somebody broke new ground by doing the first kickturn, and a 360 flip down three stairs was at one point revolutionary. These days, however, making your mark on the ol' roller-board scorecard can be quite a daunting task. But don't stress too hard! That's what I'm here for. Here's some NBDs in case you're looking to add your name to the sacred list. Get some.

* Do T-Hawk's loop with your trucks on backwards

* Primo slide a handrail

* Do a boneless after 1988 without a modern-day-street purist silently gagging somewhere

* Natas spin a butt plug

* Be a pro skater with a college degree without everybody marveling at the fact

* Do the Mega Ramp gap the other way, by dropping in on the QP instead of the roll in

* Put a jump ramp on top of El Toro and Christ Air that bad boy

* Focus your board with your wiener or your boobies

* Darkslide back tail a hubba

* Start a curb I club that " doesn't have an Instagram account

* Ollie one foot down Wallenberg on a Nash Executioner

* Successfully attend a party at Castle Bam to get off drugs

* Wear multi-colored camo outfits and not body varial out of every trick you do

* Be a legit bowl skater who passes the Olympics' drug test

* Get an " Indy neck tattoo while secretly riding Tensors

* Bomb Kearny Street switch, on 'shrooms, blindfolded, in the rain

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Title Annotation:SIEBEN
Author:Sieben, Michael
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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