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NBC-LEO elects officers, honors achievers.

During the Las Vegas Congress of Cities, Inglewood, Calif., councilmember Danny Tabor, President of the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO) noted the commitment and accomplishments of the group to advance the political, social and economic agenda of America. "We have remained on the cutting edge of the civil rights movement by giving definition to the needs of African Americans and others," said Tabor.

The NBC-LEO activities held during the Congress of Cities meeting began with an orientation session for new members. The session was led by former Los Angeles councilman and past NBC-LEO president Bob Farrell. Farrell provided an overview of the organization's 21-year history, stressed the importance of active participation in the National League of Cities (NLC), and offered guidance to the delegates on how to become involved in the policy development and legislative activities of NLC.

All of the activities scheduled during the conference, including a skills development workshop on public finance and a luncheon featuring former U.S. Congressman Parrin Mitchell, who spoke about minority business development, were well attended by the delegates. During the NBC-LEO membership meeting, several resolutions were proposed and received the unanimous approval of the membership.

At it Annual Liberty Awards Reception and Banquet on Saturday night, NBC-LEO members heard a riveting speech from U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), one of two Afro-American women serving in the Congress. Waters urged the audience to take full advantage of the opportunity when their congressional representatives returned to their home districts, by taking them into the neighborhoods and having them talk directly to the people, to explain why important domestic issues such as employment, affordable housing and health care were not being effectively addressed by the Congress.

On the 1992 presidential election, Waters stated that at this point she did not have a candidate because no one has yet put forth a comprehensive program to address these and other issues important to Amerika and to the Afro-American community. She reminded the group that collectively, they wielded tremendous political clout and that they should not be too quick to endorse any candidate who did not have a comprehensive program to address these issues.

Also during the banquet, awards were presented to several elected officials and community based organization leaders for their efforts in improving the quality of life through drug prevention, education and mentoring programs. The Liberty Award, NBC-LEO's most prestigious award, was presented to NLC past president Jessie Rattley. Rattley was also one of the founding members of the NBC-LEO.

The installation of the new slate of NBC-LEO officers was conducted by Reverend Jessie Jackson. The 1992 officers are as follows: President, Carolyn Long Banks, councilmember, Atlanta, Ga.; President Elect, Carl Nixon, commissioner, Deerfield Beach, Fla.; First Vice President, Wilbert D. Minter, councilmember, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Second Vice President, William Stallworth, councilmember, Biloxi, Miss.; Secretary, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Mayor, Fitchburg, Wis.; Assistant Secretary, Audwin Samuel, councilmember, Beaumont, Tex.; Treasurer, Richard Patterson, councilmember, Modesto, Calif.; Chaplain, Roosevelt Wilkerson, councilmember, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Historian, Arthur Williams, Commissioner, Albany, Ga.; Parliamentarian, E.W. Cromartie, councilmember, Columbia, S.C. Board members include Directors-at-Large, Richard Showers, councilmember, Huntsville, Ala.; Eric Stith, councilmember, Maywood, Ill.; Anita Ashford, councilmember, Port Huron, Mich.; and Past President Daniel Tabor, councilmember, Inglewood, Calif.
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Title Annotation:National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials
Author:McCloud, Thom
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 16, 1991
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