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NAVY SHOOTER HEARD VOICES IN HIS HEAD.. BUT KEPT GUN; Cops were warned of his 'hallucinations'.


CONCERNED police warned the US Navy that gunman Aaron Alexis was "hearing voices" just six weeks before he went on his rampage, shooting 12 people dead.

Officers were called to a hotel in Rhode Island on August 7 after the 34-year-old said he was spoken to "through the wall, flooring and ceiling" and thought three people were following him.

He told police they were "sending vibrations to his body" through a microwave machine.

When officers arrived to see him at 6am he told them he had to move hotels three times that night in an effort to get away from the microwave vibrations.

He also explained how he had become involved in an argument with three people at the airport who were now following him.

Cops were so worried by his behaviour they contacted the duty naval station police officer to ensure they were aware.

The official, whose name has been withheld, told the sergeant "they would follow up on this subject" to see whether Alexis was indeed a naval base contractor.

It is uncertain what action, if any, the naval police took after the contact.

On Monday Alexis calmly drove in to the Washington Navy Yard armed with a shotgun and blasted 12 civilian workers to death. The emergence of the report casts further questions Iover why the killer still had a license to purchase firearms or be granted "secret" security access to military bases through his work as a naval contractor.

Yesterday the killer's family said he suffered from posttraumatic stress syndrome after witnessing the 9/11 terror attack and blamed the illness for two previous gunrelated incidents. The gunman's stepfather Frank Calderon, 47, said his stepson was going up the escalator from the subway station below the World Trade Centre when the first of the towers collapsed.

Mr Calderon added: "What happened in Washington was not from the Aaron I knew and loved."

Yesterday, the Irish Mirror told how he had been influenced by violent video games after playing Call Of Duty for up to 18 hours a day.

His friend Michael Ritrovato said Alexis "trained" himself on the game then used buckshot bullets to see his victims get blown up.

repor"What happened in Washington was not the Aaron I knew and loved FRANK CALDERON


HORROR J Deranged Aaron Alexis killed 12 people. Right, a tribute to the victims
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 19, 2013
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