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NAVAIR Logistics.

The Logistics and Industrial Operations Group (AIR 6.0) at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is responsible to the Naval Aviation Enterprise for providing the resources to develop, plan and integrate product support into weapon system designs and to establish and maintain integrated logistics capable of supporting fleet operations and maintenance throughout the full life cycle of an aviation weapon system and its related support equipment.

The second function of AIR 6.0 is performing depot level maintenance, repair and modification of aircraft, engines, components, and other aeronautical equipment; and manufacturing and prototyping operations at three stateside depots and one repair facility in Japan.

AIR 6.0 is divided into five different departments: Aviation Depots, Logistics Management Integration, Design Interface and Maintenance Planning, Aviation Readiness and Resource Analysis, and Resources and Policy.

What does NAVAIR Logistics do?

There are nine Supply Corps officers who provide support ranging from integrated logistics, policy, program management, and financial management to the assistant commander for logistics and industrial operations and fleet. CAPT Michael G. Ahern, the Director for Resources and Policy, leads the Supply Corps officers in AIR 6.0.

AIR 6.0 is responsible for logistics policy related to new weapon systems and financial resources in excess of $3 billion.

LCDR Troy Gronberg who is the Non-Program Related Logistics Manager, works with 34 different programs dealing with logistics information systems, common fleet support, tech publications, and decision support systems on generating, validating and defending their requirements to the resource sponsor who funds efforts in excess of $50 million.

I am the Requiring Financial Manager (RFM) for all aviation and weapon spares accounts valued in excess of $1 billion for NAVAIR, and am responsible for validation and alignment of spares accounts with the different program offices, the fleet, and the various resource sponsors and OPNAV 412. Once the funds are received, they are distributed to the program weapon systems to support their initial and replenishment spares.

CDR Michael Corsey, Branch Head for the Design Interface and Maintenance Planning Department, is responsible for providing analytic management support regarding the flow of Aeronautical repairable components through the Navy repair facilities and the associated material support, funding, scheduling and processing of requirements necessary to execute an efficient corporate component program. Their goal is to maximize quality, minimize cost and affect maximum throughput in support of fleet readiness.

Supporting Naval Aviation under the Aviation Readiness and Resource Analysis Department are LCDR Keith Weidenbach and LT Michael McCarter. LCDR Weidenbach is the Sponsor-Owned Material and Interim Supply Support Business Financial Manger responsible for the financial and program management of $7.7 million in direct support of NAVAIR life cycle support programs such as, Interim Supply Support, Residual Asset Management, and Special Tooling.

LT Michael McCarter is the Deputy Program Manager for the NAVAIR Depot Maintenance System (NDMS) Program, which deals with the standardization of organizational software processes at each of the aviation depots. NDMS is working to improve business performance in depots while reducing depot unit repair costs and standardizing information systems across the depots.

There are also three Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) interns assigned to NAVAIR, LT Ruben Alcocer, LTJG Michael Aldrich, and LTJG David Fuchs. The ILS Interns are assigned to major weapon system program offices to gain logistics expertise through educational opportunities and practical applications. Currently the ILS Interns are assigned to the H-60, the F/A-18, and the V-22 Program Offices. At the conclusion of their two-year tour, they will receive a sub-specialty code ill Logistics and Transportation Management.

A tour in NAVAIR 6.0 will give a Supply Corps officer the tools and experience in providing direct support to the warfighter, improving logistics agility, ensuring the proper alignment with the fleet and implementing fleet driven metrics.

CDR Mark Polca's previous assignments include Assistant Supply Officer, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76); Naval Postgraduate School Program, Monterey, Calif.; Navy Customer Advocate, Defense Industrial Supply Center, Philadelphia, Pa.; Regional Supply Officer and Comptroller, Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station, Naples, Italy; Supply Officer, USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58); BFM Intern, Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, D.C.; Sales Officer, USS Midway (CV 41); Food Service Officer, USS Iowa (BB 61).
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Author:Polca, Mark
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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