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NATO'S New Terrorist Partner.

Cleaving with remarkable consistency to the Balkans policy of its predecessors, the Bush administration has not opposed the rechristening of Albanian terrorist leader Ali Ahmeti as a "statesman." This duplicates the Clinton administration's feat of rechristening the leaders of the narco-terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) as "freedom fighters" and "democratic reformers."

In June, a presidential directive listed Ahmeti, head of Macedonia's National Liberation Army (NLA), a KLA spin-off, as a terrorist forbidden to travel to the United States. The same executive order banned financial contributions to the NLA -- which meant that the guerrilla group was officially recognized as a terrorist organization. A month later, Macedonian officials issued an arrest warrant for Ahmeti, charging him with terrorism and similar offenses.

Nevertheless, noted the August 20th Los Angeles Times, "in the past few weeks, NATO representatives have been negotiating as intensively with Ahmeti as with the Macedonian government." At a news conference on that date, Ahmeti -- speaking in a schoolroom that had been decorated with the flags of Albania, the European Union, the United States, and NATO, but not the Macedonian national banner -- hailed the impending NATO "peacekeeping" mission in Macedonia. "The war is over," stated the newly minted "statesman." "Now we are oriented toward democracy."

One "senior Western diplomat" described Ahmeti as "a man of vision," which is true, in a sense. Like his KLA comrades, Ahmeti is carrying out the vision of a "Greater Albania" which is being assembled, with NATO's help, through a systematic war of subversion and terrorism against the former Yugoslavia and, eventually, Greece.
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Title Annotation:Albanian leader Ali Ahmeti
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Date:Sep 24, 2001
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