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Yardi Systems, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, California, is a leading provider of professional property and asset management software solutions. With approximately 18,000 clients using its software, Yardi maintains and supports one of the largest client bases in the industry.

Established in 1982 by Anant Yardi and servicing North America, Yardi Systems is known for feature-rich applications while offering leading-edge technology. As the first property management software company to completely rewrite their DOS offerings, Yardi introduced a complete line of Windows-based products in 1994. At that time, offering the only software available in Windows, Yardi attracted many of the larger management companies who had technology at the forefront of their corporate agenda. As a result, Yardi's client base took on new dimensions, going from small and mid-sized companies to some of the largest residential and commercial management companies in the industry.

Yardi's multiple product lines provide solutions that appeal to companies handling mixed portfolios, or portfolios specializing in any aspect of property management--single and multifamily properties, home owners associations, subsidized and tax credit properties, and any type of commercial property. Central or on-site management solutions are available, and multiple database platforms allow the products to cater to each company's organizational needs. Products are offered in SQLServer, Oracle, and Btrieve database platforms.

In addition to the flexibility the database platform options provide, Yardi provides a full breadth of operating solutions. The core property and asset management applications are integrated with a complete accounting and financial system. In addition, there are specialty modules for maintenance and construction management, electronic banking, payroll, AdHoc SQL Scripted reporting tools, and Web-enabled remote reporting capabilities.

Customization issues are elegantly addressed with user defined and designed data elements, screens, and reports to reflect the specific environment of each company. ODBC-compliant, Yardi products offer the most in scalability and increased efficiency.

Residential property managers find many of the Yardi features instrumental to their operations. Automated move-in/move-out features that pro-rate charges and generate refund checks and closing statements are proven time savers and provide the assurance that company policy is adhered to. Contact management and applicant databases maximize unit occupancy. Task management ensures all action items and reminders are scheduled and reported on daily. Extensive help and security systems ensure that answers are readily available and proper controls are in place. Trust and other financial accounting issues are handled with ease and guarantee proper handling of fiduciary responsibility to both residents and owners.

Over the years, Yardi has developed and fostered strong customer relationships. These relationships serve an integral part of our development philosophy. At Yardi Systems, we take time to understand how new technology can be put to use in the real estate community. This awareness of innovations, and our willingness to listen to our clients, has allowed Yardi to stay at the forefront of our industry. For more information on Yardi Systems, call 800/866-1144 or visit our Web site at

Edgar is director of marketing for Yardi Systems, Inc., Santa Barbara, California.


Plumbing Express is one of the nation's leading polybutylene remediators, with more than 8,000 completed repipe jobs. We operate offices from Delaware to Georgia and work throughout the nation on multi-unit projects using our in-house traveling teams.

Polybutylene pipes were used in millions of homes, including multi-unit housing from 1979 through 1995. There have been hundreds of thousands of leaks resulting in class action lawsuits that have provided more than a billion dollars in settlement funds. There is currently an active class action lawsuit filed by 59 insurance companies against the polybutylene manufacturers within the RICO statutes (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations). Lead counsel expects this suit to be resolved this year with damages in the billions of dollars.

As a result of this suit and the increased rate of polybutylene failures, insurance and mortgage companies are now looking at properties with polybutylene much more closely. This trend will continue to escalate as polybutylene ages and the rate of leaks increases. This presents special issues for owners and managers of multiunit housing.

Plumbing Express offers a turnkey solution to polybutylene remediation, inclusive of plumbing, drywall and painting. As one of the nation's leading experts, we have mastered the process to minimize the inconvenience to residents. There is no move-out required during the process and water service is turned on each evening when our teams finish work for the day.

In addition to offering repiping of polybutylene, we also replace galvanized, copper, and any other type of plumbing systems that have failed. We can also provide you with accurate information regarding the class action lawsuits and outline the issues you need to know about to qualify for class action settlement funds and to meet specific timeline deadlines.

For additional information, a consultation, or a presentation in your offices, please contact Michael C. Morgan, senior vice president at 800/501-7703 or via e-mail at You may also obtain additional information by visiting Poly Info Central at on the Internet.


The Apartment Blind Company was established in 1980 by founders Ken and John Gilmore. The brothers developed the company with their primary focuses on apartments.

ABC offers two decades of experience in servicing the multifamily housing industry. Our national shipping program is specifically developed to serve property management companies across the nation. Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Chatsworth, California. Distribution locations are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Memphis, Tennessee.

To ensure the strictest quality, ABC controls the manufacturing process from the development of individual components to the final blind assembly.

At ABC, we are very proud of the full service operation we have created. Our unsurpassed service team includes helpful customer service representatives who understand how our products work and how they are manufactured. General and technical product questions are answered very easily by contacting our customer service department.

Our sales staff offers the experience of many years in installation, manufacturing, and customer service. The added expertise makes product consultation and demonstrations educational for our customers.

Our fully computerized order entry process helps to minimize errors and maximize manufacturing control and quality. Phone orders are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Orders may be faxed to 800/291-7948 or placed on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other customer support programs include:

* Installation training seminars;

* Customized fax order forms with unit-typical sizes;

* Sales reports provided upon request for our contracted clients, including breakdowns by property, product type, quantity, and size; and

* Free installation video.

We recognize your need for a dependable supplier and we take it seriously. Therefore we have made a commitment to service that is unequaled in the industry. From the personal service in our sales department, to our expertise on the production floor, through to our knowledgeable employees in customer service, ABC's entire staff is dedicated to excellence with your satisfaction as our ultimate goal.
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