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 HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Huntsville City Schools and South Central Bell today (Friday, January 14, 1994) announced the nation's first-ever use of a public communications network to meet a school system's security needs.
 South Central Bell's Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will deliver video images and alarm information from 41 Huntsville schools to a central security location.
 "We're committed to protecting school facilities and to providing secure schools for the safety of our students and employees," said Dr. Ron Saunders, superintendent of Huntsville City Schools. "ISDN not only improves our security capability, but provides us a cost-efficient way to meet other communications needs, including voice, data and video."
 Unlike traditional telephone service, a single ISDN line has not one, but three channels that can be used to send voice, data and video communications, at the same time.
 According to Huntsville City School's Operations Director Don Sadler, a microwave network currently connects the 41 sites to the central security location. By the end of 1994, a single ISDN line will connect each site and replace the microwave system. Video from security cameras will travel one ISDN channel. Alarm information from motion detectors, heat sensors and other sources, will be sent over a second channel. The third channel will be available for other communication needs.
 "Though our present microwave system is state-of-the-art, moving to ISDN puts us on the cutting edge of security systems with several advantages, including significant cost savings," Sadler said. "During several months of testing, ISDN has proven to be more reliable because it's not affected by severe weather. ISDN will let us expand our network more quickly and easily and give us a separate backup system."
 According to Bill Crowson, director of information systems, the school system has other plans for ISDN.
 "Right now ISDN connects computers at two schools to send report data to our central office at the Merts Center," Crowson said. "It's given us greater speed and worked extremely well. In fact, as the ISDN security network goes into place, we plan to use the third channel to carry school data. We also plan to evaluate ISDN for other voice and video uses."
 This is the latest in a series of telecommunications "firsts" for South Central Bell in Huntsville. In November 1992, Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville was one of four U.S. locations to help open the National Integrated Services Digital Network-1. In July 1992, South Central Bell's Huntsville metropolitan network became the nation's first to have interconnected ISDN throughout the area.
 "Over the past seven years, we've invested over $84 million to build one of the nation's most advanced telecommunications networks, right here in Huntsville and Madison County," Gary Pledger, South Central Bell's district manager said. "This investment enables us to better meet customer needs for telephone basics and more advanced services, such as ISDN."
 South Central Bell and Southern Bell are trade names of BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., with headquarters in Atlanta. These companies serve over 19 million local telephone lines in the southeastern United States, and provide local exchange and intraLATA long distance service over one of the most modern telecommunications networks in the world.
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 /CONTACT: Bob Chappelle of South Central Bell, 205-532-8742, or Dr. Ron Saunders of the Huntsville City Schools, 205-532-4640/

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