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HEARTBROKEN Natasha Ni Gairbheith and fiance PJ McDermott are to mark their wedding with a touching tribute to murdered niece Ciara Dunne and her two daughters.

The former Miss Ireland and her millionaire property developer partner should have shared the happiest day of their lives together on April 28.

But the couple were forced to cancel their wedding when Ciara's husband Adrian apparently killed his wife and daughters in their Wexford home before taking his own life.

On the very same day they should have been walking down the aisle together, Natasha and PJ were forced to carry the coffins of Ciara and her two daughters Leanne, 5, and Shania, 3, instead.

Now Natasha and PJ have rearranged their big day for September 7.

The Irish Sunday Mirror understands the couple are planning to pay a special tribute to Ciara and her two little girls at either the Mass in St Mary's Church, Gaoth Dobhair, or at the reception at PJ's own An Grianan Hotel.

A close family friend revealed: "It's been a terrible couple of months for everyone but hopefully the wedding will give them something to look forward to. Their whole world fell apart and it was so difficult for PJ and Natasha to bury Ciara and the girls on the very day they should have been singing and dancing together.

"They are planning something special for the day to remember Ciara and the girls.

"It's going to be a great day and a very happy occasion but it will be tinged with sadness because of everything that has happened."

Gardai are still awaiting the toxicology report into the deaths of the tragic Wexford family.

Adrian Dunne's mother Mary said recently that she still did not believe her blind son would have been capable of killing his wife and two little girls.

However, Donegal TD Dr Jim McDaid, who was Ciara's family doctor, said he had no doubt Ciara and her girls had been drugged.

"I do think the toxicology reports will show that Ciara was given something before she died.

"I have spoken to Ciara's family on numerous occasions and I know they were concerned about their daughter's welfare," Dr McDaid said shortly after the tragedy.

So far, Ciara's parents PJ and Marion have refused to make any comment about the three deaths.

However, sources have said that the couple may be prepared to talk about the tragic situation once the toxicology report is released.


Sad... Natasha carries one of the little coffins; Tragic... The Dunne family in Wexford park; Natasha won Miss Ireland in 2004
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 10, 2007
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