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NASA Final Shuttle Atlantis Launch, Takes Two iPhones to Space.

Space Shuttle Atlantis has launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, marking the final shuttle launch for NASA.

STS-135 marks the final flight for the shuttle program, 30 years after Columbia touched the sky during STS-1.

Meteorological reports for the launch looked doubtful at first, but a gap in the bad weather at just the right time allowed everything to proceed as planned. Atlantis successfully reached its preliminary orbit in what a NASA official called a "flawless" launch.

Atlantis carried two new voyagers into space: a pair of iPhone 4 on Friday.

The new SpaceLab app for iOS was developed by Odyssey Space Research, which is en route to the International Space Station aboard the Atlantis.

The app includes the three-axis gyro, accelerometer, Retina display, cameras, and A4 processor.

"The revolutionary iPhone 4 offers an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate serious functions previously reserved for more expensive, purpose-built devices,"

Odyssey CEO Brian Rishikof said in a press release.

"The potential for using iPhone 4 to both conduct and support in-space research and operations is enormous," Rishikof added.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jul 9, 2011
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