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NAPCA conducts 43RD annual meeting.

The National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators (NAPCA) held 43rd annual convention April 11-15, 2007 at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, CA.

The event is a forum for pipe coating applicators, pipe coating materials and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, providers of services, line pipe manufacturers, trucking companies, consulting firms, independent inspection firms, and stocking pipe distributors. The schedule offered a combination of informative business meetings and recreational events.

Officers for 2007 were announced at a concluding dinner by NAPCA Managing Director Merritt B. Chastain, Jr. They are Don Barder, President; George Stoddard, Vice President; Merry Brumbaugh, Secretary/Treasurer; Chastain, Managing Director; and Richard F. Johnston, Executive Secretary.

Barder is president and COO, Liberty Coating Company, LLC, Morrisville, PA; Stoddard is president, Mobile Pipe Wrappers & Coaters, Inc., Adelanto, CA; and Brumbaugh is vice president-tubular products, L.B. Foster Company, Pittsburgh, PA.

Additional members who serve along with the elected officers on the Board of Trustees are John D. Tikkanen, Richard F. Brunst, Jr.; James T. Shea and Jason Norris.

Tikkanen is president of Bredero Shaw LLC, Houston; Brunst is president of Western Pipe Coaters & Engineers, Inc., Orem, UT; Shea is Managing Partner-Operations, The Bayou Companies, L.L.C., New Iberia, LA and Norris is sales manager, Dura-Bond Coating, Inc., Export, PA.

Joseph H. Hoffman, Hoffman Blast II by Circle R Industries, Inc., was re-elected to serve a 20th consecutive one-year term as associate member chairman and advisory trustee. Miguelangelo Thome, COO-Brazil and WAF, Socotherm, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was elected to serve as international member chairman. Rusty Fisher, vice president-pipe-line sales, Lone Star Steel Company, Dallas, was re-elected to serve as chairman of the Line Pipe Manufacturers Committee.

Hall Of Fame Honoree

A highlight at the banquet was the announcement of the Hall of Fame honoree. NAPCA's Hall of Fame award is given only to those who have contributed greatly to the plant-applied pipe coating industry and to NAPCA. The honoree may be a member or non-member, living or deceased. Annually, members may nominate individuals for this honor. Then, a select committee, consisting of the board of trustees, associate member chairman, managing director and all living recipients of the award, selects recipients of the Hall of Fame award, if any, by secret ballot.

The recipient for 2007 is Chris Dunn, chief engineer, CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc., Tulsa, OK. Chris received his award at the dinner from Greg Miller of Pipeline Inspection Company. Chris has supervised the design, manufacture and installation of pipe coating plants around the world including plants in the United States, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia.

Dunn has helped design many types of special equipment including bending machines, bending mandrels, internal pneumatic line-up clamps, pipe double-jointing systems, pipe facing systems as well as pipe handling equipment for moving and welding pipe joints on ocean-going vessels. He has contributed not only to advancements in equipment design and manufacture, but also to NAPCA by supporting it and attending 30 NAPCA conventions, numerous workshops and providing other services to the association.

Managing Director To Retire

At the Saturday night dinner, Merritt Chastain announced his plans to retire on Dec. 31, 2008 as managing director and general counsel of NAPCA. Chastain has served as general counsel since 1971 and he assumed the additional duties of managing director in April 1979. A successor will be named later.

Lew Bullion, Senior Editor
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