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NANNY CHARGE 'WILL NOT STICK' Lawyer slams Aisling murder rap.


US prosecutors will need a smoking gun to convict an Irish nanny of first degree murder, it was claimed last night.

Without a direct witness or video footage Aisling McCarthy Brady cannot be convicted of murdering baby Rehma, according to a top lawyer.

The nanny, from Lavey, Co Cavan, was arrested in January on suspicion of beating the one-year-old to death.

She was initially accused of assault and battery causing injury but a grand jury upgraded the charge to first degree murder on Friday.

The newlywed, 34, could now face life in prison without parole if she is found guilty.

Attorney Elaine Whitfield Sharp, who represented British au pair Louise Woodward in 1997, insisted that prosecutors would need strong evidence against McCarthy Brady to prove she deliberately killed the infant.

Ms Sharp said: "They'd need direct evidence to show that it was actually intentional, that it wasn't just, 'The child slid out of my hands and dropped'. They'd need proof beyond reasonable doubt that the force applied was applied intentionally." She added that the case against the Irishwoman contains "absolutely bucketloads of reasonable doubt".

"In fact, I think reasonable doubt swallows the case, totally engulfs it."

A spokeswoman for Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone insisted: "We feel confident in the case we'll be putting forward."

Meanwhile, McCarthy Brady's lawyer Melinda Thompson said that her client is completely innocent, even though the charges were upgraded.


Accused... Aisling McCarthy Brady
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 14, 2013
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