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NAMA leader's message. (National NAMA News).

At High Plains Publishers we're constantly reevaluating High Plains Journal, seeking ways to make it a better, more viable product for our readers. As associate publisher, I lead a "Vision Team" through which we discuss, review, evaluate, discard, kick around and/or trash new ideas and concepts to enhance our core product. All ideas are considered. Some get the axe. None get laughed at.

My point is this. Without constantly scrutinizing your core competencies, the way you do things, how your customer defines you, then you aren't becoming better. You aren't growing. As Will Rogers said, "even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." And if that happens, adios amigo.

Based on today's business environment, NAMA is taking the same approach. Sitting back and accepting status quo has not been NAMA's calling card. Your Executive Committee is adjusting to these changing times by taking a proactive stance. To continue to enhance, redefine and introduce new "member offerings" for its members, Teresa Hinrichs, President, and Mike Gustafson, Vice President, have announced a two year initiative entitled "Strengthen NAMA's Platform."

Fueled by the dramatic challenges which faced the agri-business environment this past year, your NAMA leadership has aggressively stepped up to confront these challenges, what I feel are opportunities. A self-analysis of NAMA's core programs and relative value to various levels of management has resulted in a truly focused "program of work" for the upcoming year.

If you attended the NAMA meeting in Nashville last month, you heard President Hinrichs identify the four key platform areas: (1) Chapters, (2) Best of NAMA, (3) National Events and (4) Student Careers.

Teresa enthusiastically outlined the challenges and opportunities for each of these platform areas, noting that strategic tactics will be forthcoming to set the wheels in motion. As a 24-year member of NAMA and your newly elected Secretary/Treasurer, I'm excited to be a part of this forward thinking initiative.

I ask that you become an integral part of Teresa's game plan and help guide the future of this organization. How? By becoming a voice, becoming actively involved, by leading. Begin your active NAMA career this year. Become a local chapter officer, deliver a program, sign up a member, balance the checkbook, attend a seminar. The point is we all began our NAMA experience by taking that first small step toward professional growth. The offshoot? You just might become a better agri-marketer. So what's to lose?

NAMA continues to focus it's energies on that which makes NAMA thrive ... its chapters and its members. I invite you to take advantage of that which is there for the offering. E-mail your chapter presidents now! They're waiting.
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Title Annotation:Teresa Hinrichs
Comment:NAMA leader's message. (National NAMA News).(Teresa Hinrichs)
Author:Taylor, Tom
Publication:Agri Marketing
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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