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NAMA Member Voice.

When deciding whether or not to advertise in a specific medium, agribusiness professionals ask themselves, "Will I get a good return on my investment?"

At the 2000 Agri-Marketing Conference & Trade Show, Irene Hindman and Miller Hogan, both with Bader Rutter & Associates, presented "Agricultural Advertising on the Internet -- Good Investment or Not?" Their original goal was to challenge the clot com companies to create some uniformity with advertising on the Internet. They certainly did not expect what happened during their presentation.

Their session was scheduled in a small room, and there were so many people waiting to get in that the room had to be doubled in size before the two could proceed. "Everyone was interested in the subject manner and everyone wants to know if it's a good investment or not," says Hindman. "Even after the room was opened up there were people standing around the back just to hear our presentation."

The reason Hindman and Hogan pursued this topic was because of the variance they found in each of the Web sites selling advertising. "First we analyzed how the Internet should be viewed," explains Hindman. "If it's just another media, then it should be evaluated with the same tools as radio, television, print, etc."

But when they tried to evaluate the investment, they could not even find the correct number of farmers who have access to the Internet. She said they also found a variance in the information supplied in media kits from different companies. "So, during our presentation in April we challenged the dot corn companies to get uniform information for those buying advertising on the Internet."

Hindman says after the session, a few representatives from dot com companies approached her and said because they compete against each other every day, they wanted her to lead the group to create the uniform information. After discussing the idea with the representatives, she called buyers from agricultural agencies and additional dot corn representatives and sparked additional interest.

Not long after, the Agribusiness Internet Advertising Council (AIAC) was formed. The mission statement reads, To establish and promote voluntary guidelines for the measurement of comparable data necessary for the reporting of purchased media and for the selling of advertised opportunities on the Internet for agribusiness.

"What we really want to do is facilitate the buying and selling of advertising on the Internet," adds Hindman. The council's vision states, We will provide guidelines for a common set of metrics, glossary of terms and criteria for measurement of comparable data as it relates to online advertising. Voluntary adoption of these metrics and the resulting comparability across Web sites will make advertising on the Internet more meanful for agribusiness.

At the recent NAMA Board of Director's meeting, NAMA leaders voted the AIAC to be a council under the NAMA umbrella. "AIAC belongs with NAMA because of the credibility of the organization," says Hindman. "It is the centralized spokesperson for agri-marketing." In addition, Hindman says the goals for both NAMA and the AIAC are similar.

"The long term goal for our council is education because the Internet will change, a lot and we will attack each issue as it arises," explains Hindman.

The AIAC Web site will store the information for people to reference if they desire. You can get to the Web site through the NAMA site at

At Bader Rutter & Associates, Hindman stresses the importance of getting to know the consumer with a need to understand what motivates these people before deciding the best way to deliver the message. Her background includes more than 25 years of media experience at J. Walter Thompson, DMB&B, and Osborn and Barr for clients that include Procter & Gamble, Anheuser-Busch and Monsanto.

Missouri-Kansas Golf Outing A record 98 golfers participated in Mo-Kan's 2000 Golf Classic on June 15.

Mo-Kan members Michael Turley, Mark Gipple, Fred Wolfe and Doug Reynolds take time for a photo after searching for lost golf balls.

Lesley Hause of McCormick Advertising puffs on a cigar while determining yardage for her approach shot.
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