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NAMA FROM HEAVEN; Lavish 5-Star Xmas bash for lawyers at Shelbourne.

NAMA'S legal advisors treated its solicitors to a lavish Christmas bash in the 5 star Shelbourne, the Irish Sunday Mirror can reveal.

As the public face billions of cutbacks, levies and taxes to pay for the NAMA banking bailout, law firm Arthur Cox threw a boozy bash for its staff last weekend.

Three hundred solicitors and staff at the firm sat down to a sumptuous meal at the black tie b a s h b e f o r e retiring to the bar, where free drink flowed for hours at the St Stephen's Green hotel.

One party-goer admitted: "It was a bit of a drunken evening.

"Everything was free. It usually is at these Christmas parties." The bill for the free party ran into THOUSANDS of euro - the EUR300-a-night hotel charges a minimum of EUR17,700 for 300 guests in the hotel's Great Room function. And wine starts at EUR32-a-bottle.

In previous years, the Arthur Cox Christmas party has proved a boisterous affair. One year, they hired a team o f s t r i p p e r s t o entertain their employees.

Burlesque dancer Sara Colohan from the Tassel Club boasted that she had performed for the law firm in the past.

"We've even done an Arthur Cox Christmas party," she claimed.

Describing her show, she said: "There are no limits and no rules. Well, except that there is never full nudity. There's always an element of modesty. There are always tassels covering nipples!" Last night, Fine Gael TD Phil Hogan said: "It's not surprising that companies like Arthur Cox are having such big parties due to having such a successful 2009.

"With contracts such as that from NAMA, they would avail of a substantial fee income from the Minister of Finance."


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 20, 2009
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