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NAM Calls on UN Security Council Not to Interfere in General Assembly's Duties.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Caretaker of the Iranian Mission at the United Nations Gholam Hossein Dehqani, whose country is the rotating president of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), called on the UN Security Council to avoid interfering in the affairs and duties which are related to the world body's General Assembly.

"The NAM member-states on different occasions have voiced their concern over the interference of the UN Security Council in the scope of duties of the UN General Assembly as well as the economic and social councils of the world body because the Security Council deals with the issues that do not fall within the scope of its responsibilities and are rather within the domain of the authority of other UN sections," Dehqani said, addressing a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

He underlined that NAM's concerns include UNSC meetings and discussions about issues which are not regarded as threats to the international peace and security.

"According to the UN Charter, the UNSC members-states representing all UN General Assembly member-states fulfill their duties with regard to the international peace and security; hence the Security Council should always be accountable to the UNGA," Dehqani said.

In relevant remarks last month, Dehqani asked the UNSC to act Impartially and without discrimination.

"The NAM believes that in its measures, approaches and methods, the UNSC should pay attention to key issues, including transparency, open atmosphere and stability of decisions," Dehqani said, addressing a UNSC meeting in New York.

Noting that in many cases the UNSC doesn't pay due attention to the important developments in the world, he said this is while the world body sometimes holds some sessions on topics which are not on its agenda and with selected participants.

"The NAM strongly rejects using the UNSC as a tool for pursuing special political goals and interests and believes that the Council's performance should be impartial, unselective and accompanied by accountability," Dehqani underlined.

In a similar warning in October, Dehqani had strongly criticized the UNSC for its meddling in the responsibilities and duties of the UNGA and the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The UNSC's imposed sanctions against countries is one of the serious concerns of NAM and the UNSC shouldn't interfere in the responsibilities and authorities of the UNGA and the ECOSOC, Dehqani said, addressing the Legal Committee of the UNGA in New York. "The sanctions shouldn't be aimed at punishing the people and their goals and objectives should be defined clearly and based on legal principles and for a specified time limit, and the imposed sanctions should be removed after the desired goals are attained," he added.

"The NAM members see the imposition of sanctions as the last solution and consider it as a proper means when only the global peace and security is under threat," Dehqani underlined.

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Publication:FARS News Agency
Date:Nov 25, 2014
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