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NAIC debates uniform adjuster licensing.

The Uniform Adjuster Licensing Model Act Subgroup of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners is considering whether to draft a model act for the licensing of insurance adjusters. At issue is whether the model should regulate all types of adjusters, including public adjusters, independent adjusters and company adjusters, or whether separate requirements should be written for each group.

Regulations that paint all adjusters, with a broad brush will do little to protect consumers and could conflict with insurers' internal training programs, according to the National Association of Independent Insurers, which testified at the Industry Liaison Committee Meeting at NAIC's fall meeting. "NAII member companies pride themselves in the development and training of adjusters to render a high level of customer service," said John Eager, NAII's senior director of claims. "A uniform adjuster licensing model act will interfere with these existing programs."

Other issues examined by the working group included the licensing and registration of company adjusters, the effects of a company adjuster who violates the law, and issues involving public adjusters.

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Title Annotation:Capitol Beat
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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