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NAI international conference in Panama, May 4-7.

NAI will host the sixth annual international conference on the subject of heritage interpretation in Panama, May 4-7, 2011. The conference will bring together 150 to 200 delegates from 30 to 40 nations in an effort to create opportunities for professional development for attendees and establish a network for professional associations and individuals involved in heritage interpretation around the globe.


This capacity-building network will allow the exchange of ideas and facilitate working partnerships between nations with established interpretive organizations and developing nations that need assistance with the promotion and instigation of interpretive facilities to enhance tourism experiences, benefit local economies, and sustain sensitive cultural and natural heritage resources.

The conference theme is "Interpretation: Making a Difference in the Triple Bottom Line." Interpretation helps create change--change in attitudes, change in knowledge, change in behavior. Imagine the power of being able to address all the elements of the triple bottom line (social, economic, and environmental) by using interpretive techniques to address issues of concern in your country. Join us in Panama and be a part of positive change.


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