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NACM National Board Hosts its Mid-Year Meeting.

The National Board of Directors held its mid year meeting on December 3 and 4 in California. The Board spent nearly two days revisiting and updating NACM-National's five year strategic plan. The Board studied five goals, in separate groups, as outlined in NACM's strategic plan:

Goal 1: Transforming NACM into a One-Stop Shop, providing members with instant access to information of all types through enhanced services and website offerings. The National Board approved the concept of continuing to build the offerings on the NACM website, adding features such as a member lookup area for professional designation holders, on-line practice exams and a bulletin board. The Board recommended that NACM work toward providing a full range of information electronically, including adding courses on line.

Goal 2: Increasing the value and awareness of the business credit management profession and all professional designations offered. The Board committed to continuing to improve all three NACM professional designations and to creating and instituting an aggressive marketing campaign to enhance the recognition of the profession and the professional designation program. To achieve this goal, NACM-National will investigate advertising opportunities in other professional publications such as Treasury & Risk Management and Business Finance magazines.

Goal 3: Positioning NACM as the leading provider of educational services and training in the area of business credit. The NACM Board endorsed the efforts of the NACM Education Department and called for the creation of more educational offerings. A CCE exam preparation course will be developed, along with the continuation of improvements to existing educational offerings.

Goal 4: Positioning NACM as the leading authority in the area of Federal legislation. The Board applauded the continued efforts of the NACM Government Affairs Committee and the progress made over the years to position NACM as the leading authority on federal legislative issues. NACM has been an integral source of information to congressional staffers on the bankruptcy reform legislation moving through Congress. NACM was successful in its request to the Federal Reserve Board that it reconsider its proposed changes to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The National Board reaffirmed its commitment to continue to be the voice representing business credit grantors at the federal level.

Goal 5: Reshaping NACMs structure, enhancing its position as the premier credit association worldwide. Components of this goal had been under study by the NACM-National Policy Committee, which met prior to the annual Board meeting. The Policy Committee sent a recommendation to the National Board that the process for the election of directors be changed to one member/one vote. Based on the input of local boards nationwide, members want more input in the election process of NACM National Directors. The Board agreed with the recommendations of the Policy Committee making minor changes to the initial language proposed. Highlights of the new election process are:

* Change the current makeup of the National Nominating Committee by adding four Chief Elected Officers of NACM Affiliated Associations to the Committee. Each regional Chief Elected Officer will be appointed by his or her respective geographic regions. The Board felt that it would be a positive step to include a member representative from each region in the nomination committee process.

* In order to qualify as a director, a candidate must have served or currently be serving on a local NACM board. The current qualification that candidates be members of record remains in place.

* A new directorship position be created for a member of the Credit Research Foundation.

* The directors representing FCIB, CRF and CFDD will be nominated and elected by those organizations.

* Director candidates must select a specific directorship: regional or at large.

* The Nominating Committee will recommend up to four nominees for each open director position to the membership for election.

* Summaries of the personal data forms for the eligible director candidates will be published in an official NACM-National publication for review by the national membership prior to the election.

* Creation of a nomination by petition process, enabling any qualified nominee who has not been recommended for election to participate in the election.

* All national members of record will be eligible to vote by ballot for directors; this new procedure permits each member to vote.

This new director voting procedure will be presented to a group of NACM Chief Elected Officers in January at a meeting scheduled in Columbia, Maryland.

The Board approved the addition of more national committees, expanding the role and level of participation of members at large. The NACM National Education Committee will be restructured into several, more focused committees, including the addition of a Credit Administration Program Instructor Advisory Committee. The Board also approved the formation of a joint NACM-FCIB committee, the primary goal of which will be to ensure a global focus throughout the association. The mission of the added committees will be developed in the first quarter of 2000.

The National Board also approved the 1999-2000 fiscal year budget, which included the allocation of $100,000 to be used exclusively for marketing NACM. While no formal plan for the use or distribution of this fund has been created, the Board approved the development of a membership brochure for nationwide distribution, and the concept of establishing a matching fund program for NACM Affiliated Associations. The initial idea of matching funds would allow NACM Affiliated Associations to apply for matching marketing funds by submitting individual marketing proposals. More input will be sought from the National Policy Committee and the Chief Elected Officers of Affiliated Associations to formulate a marketing plan. There was no general dues increase budgeted, therefore dues remain at S34.50 per member per year for the fifth consecutive year.

The National Board is pleased to report that the past fiscal year has been marked by several successes and enhancements within NACM, while generating a positive bottom line for the 10th year in a row. At the beginning of this past fiscal year, FCIB, NACM's international arm, established an organization in Canada. This newest initiative continues to gain momentum with increasing Canadian membership and expanded services. In late July, NACM completed and moved into its new headquarters building in Columbia, Maryland. This move will help NACM contain and control its operating costs for many years to come. Finally, the past year has seen the NACM website grow and mature into a significant member benefit.

Your National Board of Directors is renewed by the challenges set forth in the goals it has set for the year 2000. Your National Board will continue its enhanced communications with you--the member. And, your National Board stands ready to prepare you for the professional challenges on the horizon in the new millennium.
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