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NACM: focused on the global vision.

As I present the yearly progress report, I am proud to say that your Association has never been stronger, not only in a fiscal sense, but in terms of the quality of the benefits and services we are prepared to offer you. All NACM departments and allied groups not only made steady progress throughout the year, but the Association achieved a healthy bottomline and ample reserves, including a substantial setaside for the purchase of a new building.

I'd like to mention several specific accomplishments, especially the progress made by the Education Department, the Credit Research Foundation, and our international department, Finance, Credit, and International Business (FCIB).

The prestigious Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management, which boasts an outstanding faculty, was redesigned into a comprehensive two-year program, including courses in Advanced Financial Statement Analysis, the Legal Environment of Credit, Financial Analysis and Market Value, and Management I for first-year students. The second-year offerings include Treasury Management and the Operating Cycle, Management Strategy, Management II, International Credit, Competing in the Global Marketplace, and Special Topics. The entire experience culminates in a Case Presentation before a faculty panel. If you have not attended this program at the Dartmouth Campus, or if it has been some time since you've attended, I urge you to do so soon. Both you and your company will benefit from the experience.

More advantageous locations have been selected for a number of continuing education programs: the Mid-Career School, Advanced Credit Executives Studies (ACES) program, and The Credit Management Leadership Institute. The Education Department also worked with the School of Business at Georgetown University and the FCIB-NACM Corporation to hold the first Global Management Program at the Georgetown location. This program provided not only sound country risk models but valuable case studies, readings, and information concerning international ethics, cultural issues, and negotiation strategies (see page 25).

The Credit Research Foundation (CRF) revised its membership program to offer three types of memberships to appeal to those interested in varying levels of service: corporate contributor, premier corporate contributor, and associate member. The Foundation published the premier issue of Credit and Financial Management Review, a journal of research, case studies, and best practices in the profession.

CRF also welcomed a new director of operations to the Foundation, Terry Callihan, CCE, who brings more than 23 years of credit and customer service experience to the post. Through his leadership CRF will expand its benchmarking and other efforts even further to benefit the profession.

CRF members volunteered their efforts, resulting in an outstanding and timely publication, titled Reengineering the Credit Function, as well as a seminar concerning this topic.

And, without a doubt, NACM remained focused on its global vision through the efforts of FCIB and its alliance with credit associations around the world. FCIB experienced a banner year, logging a record number of new members, credit report sales, and the formation of more international credit groups.

Also, remaining focused on NACM's vision to be the premier global association for credit and financial management, we've formed an alliance of credit associations around the world. This global alliance is made up of the association leaders from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. And, we are seeking to expand this network to more countries.

Through everything we do - our seminars, committees, publications, member service, government affairs, and all our efforts - we remain committed to serving your needs and those of the credit profession. If you have ideas or 0suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly.
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Title Annotation:National Association of Credit Management
Author:Mignini, Paul J., Jr.
Publication:Business Credit
Date:Jun 1, 1995
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