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NAB Fails to finalize inquiry against Senator Saher Kamran.

Islamabad -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has given undue favors to sitting senator Saher Kamran for not completing an inquiry into allegation of her corruption for the last three years which is contrary to the claims of Chairman NAB that the inquiry of the case would be completed within the stipulated time, according to a document available with this scribe.

According to NAB ordinance 2002, the investigation officer is bound to complete the inquiry of the cases within the time frame of 10 months but in the instant case three years have been passed but the inquiry against her has not been completed.

NAB Rawalpindi was approached to ascertain the reasons for not completing the inquiry against her but the officer concerned was reluctant to comment formally on this issue , saying informally that the case against her is still pending and would finalized very soon.

The investigation into corruption charges against incumbent senator Saher Kamran has been stalled owing to non cooperation of secretary of foreign affairs who is reluctant to share a classical information with the national accountability Bureau (NAB) , the source privy to the case told this scribe.

National Accountability Bureau NAB whose basic job is to recovered plundered money from the corrupt mafia has failed to recovered huge public funds Saudi Riyal 170000 from sitting senator Saher Kamran due to corrupt practice prevailing into NAB fold as the investigators of anti graft department are also indulged into corruption and allegedly saving the corrupt mafias of Pakistan society.

Inordinate delay into finalizing corruption inquiry against sitting Senator Saher Kamran is adequate proof to say that anti corruption department of state is turned into dysfunctional which needs revolutionaries' steps for its reactivate.

The investigators of NAB wastage more than three years in giving final touches to simple corruption inquiry against Sahe Kamran whose connection with power corridors also given her refugee from the clutches of anti corruption sleuths.

The investigation against Senator Saher Kamran was initiated on the direction of standing committee on foreign affairs three years ago but later on the probe hit the snags due to the political pressure she allegedly exerted on the investigation authorities.

According to details of the instant case, senator Saher Kamran , Before joining political arena from the platform of Pakistan People Party during the Zardari regime , was principal of Pakistan school in Jeddah Saudia Arabia where she allegedly misappropriated huge public funds on her air traveling.

Then Pakistani, Ambassador to Saudia Arabia wrote to foreign office about the misappropriation of public funds on the name of education and accused her misappropriation called for thorough investigation into the scam for retrieving the plundered public funds from her.

According to the charge sheet filed against her, Saher Kamran travelled to home country Pakistan dozens time in a years and allegedly misused the funds allocated for the purpose of imparting education to the Pakistani children studying in the Pakistan school in Jedda Saudia Arabia.

The issue was also agitated in the standing committee of the parliament and then referred to anti graft institution NAB for investigation in order to take back public funds from her.

National Accountability Bureau NAB started its investigation against her and sought her reply on the charges filed by foreign office.

Former Chairman NAB with the connivance of the then foreign secretary Aziz Chaudhry played dirty game and put the investigation into cold storage allegedly give her huge relief to Senator Saher Kamran who was then elected as member of upper house of Pakistani parliament.

The case has now resuscitated since the appointment of Justice Javed Iqbal as chairman NAB but now the foreign office baboos are allegedly not cooperating with investigators.

A few weeks ago , Foreign office baboos has referred the case to ministry of overseas Pakistan saying that the case falls in the jurisdiction of over seas Pakistan because the misappropriated funds were take from the treasure of Overseas Pakistan ministry.

The source told that foreign office non cooperative attitude has put the probe against the sitting senator Sahe Kamran in cold storage and the hope to taken back misappropriated public funds from her are dashed. Senator Sehr Kamran and Foreign office media Director Mss Kulsoom were contacted many time for their comments but they did not response to the queries.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Jan 4, 2018
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