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NAA brings leadership to you.

In an effort to reach its members through affiliate leadership--local and state officers, other board members and association executives--NAA conducted five Leadership Briefings in February and March 2006 prior to the first national meeting, the Capitol Conference.

"If they can't come to us, we will go to them," said Doug Culkin, CAE, NAA President.

Following the meeting of the NAA Board of Directors in January, Leadership Briefings were conducted in five cities around the country, each covering two regions (with the affiliation of California, the number of NAA regions has grown to 10) and each at a site close enough to most affiliates so that members could come and go in a single day, whether by car or airplane.

Culkin, 2006 NAA Chairman of the Board Joe Sharp and an NAA Regional Vice President of the represented regions updated affiliate leaders about what is happening at NAA regarding the Education Institute (NAAEI), California affiliation, the strategic plan, the annual budget and other important issues. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and to be informed about what is happening at national from the people at national.

"We wanted to bring our message to our members, and more importantly, to hear what was on their minds," Sharp said. "It is as important for national to hear from you, our members, as it is for you to hear from us."

NAA plans to conduct similar Leadership Briefings in 2007.
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Title Annotation:Leadership Briefings
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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