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NAA affiliates' Maintenance Mania results.

NAA affiliated apartment associations are holding 2015-2016 season Maintenance Mania competitions. To schedule an event, please contact Kyle Huie at 703-797-0695 or For a list of Maintenance Mania events in your area, view the calendar at

Greater Iowa Apartment Association

National Championship Qualifiers

First Place: James Harper, Elevate Living

Second: Joe McCreery, Elevate Living

Third: Chris Lanpher, Elevate Living

Individual Event Winners

Water Heater Installation: Chris Lanpher, Elevate Living

Faucet Installation: Tommy Saldana, Elevate Living

DuoFlush Toilet Conversion: James Harper, Elevate Living

Icemaker Installation: Justin Davis, Elevate Living

Fire-CO Safety Installation: James Harper, Elevate Living

Key Control Deadbolt Test: James Harper, Elevate Living

Ceiling Fan Installation: James Harper, Elevate Living

Race Car Competition: Chris Lanpher, Elevate Living

Southern Floria Apartment Association

National Championship Qualifiers

First Place: Daniel Dampier, CPM

Second: Frank Lopez, Greystar

Third: Cory Labadie, CPM

Individual Event Winners

Water Heater Installation: Daniel Dampier, CPM

Faucet Installation: Cory Labadie, CPM

DuoFlush Toilet Conversion: Freddy Zapata, Carroll Management

Icemaker Installation: Cory Labadie, CPM

Fire-CO Safety Installation: Cory Labadie, CPM

Key Control Deadbolt Test: Mike Fennell, Churchill Forge Properties

Ceiling Fan Installation: Daniel Dampier, CPM

Race Car Competition: Daniel Dampier, CPM

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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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