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NAA advertising and circulation award winners.

AT THE FIRST Newspaper Association of America Marketing Conference in New Orleans, the new organization sponsored two contests that were previously conducted by two groups that merged with the American Newspaper Publishers Association last year to create the NAA: the Tearsheet Competition, sponsored by the International Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives, and the Circulation Promotion Awards competition, sponsored by the International Circulation Managers Association.

The 1993 Tearsheet Competition drew more than 700 entries to compete in 11 categories recognizing outstanding advertising created for a specific market. Entries were divided into two circulation groups: one for under 30,000 circulation and one for over 30,000.

The 1993 Circulation Promotion Awards competition recognizes outstanding promotional materials aimed at solving a circulation marketing problem. Seven different categories are divided into circulation groups of under 25,000; 25,000 to 74,999; 75,000 to 149,999; 150,000 to 299,999; and 300,000 and above. Fifty-seven winners were chosen.

Winning entries from both contests are available in two books on sale by the NAA.

The Tearsheet Competition winners are listed below by category, newspaper and the person who submitted the winning entry.

In the under-30,000-circulation group: Category 1, the Daily Times-Call, Longmont, Colo., Mike Gugliotto; Category 2, Watertown Daily Times, Judy Christian and Mark Heiden; Category 3, Imperial Valley Press, El Centro, Calif., John O. Yanni; Category 4, Watertown (Wis.) Daily Times, Christian and Heiden; (Category 5-no winner); Category 6, Athens (Ga.) Daily News, Will Morris; Category 7, Athens Daily News, Morris, and the Herald-Times, Bloomington, Ind., Marvin Lewis; Category 8, Watertown Daily Times, Christian and Heiden; Category 9, the St. Augustine (Fla.) Record, Wayne L. Snow; Category 10, Midland (Mich.) Daily News, Jerry L. Anderson; Full Color, Daily Times-Call, Gugliotto; Spot Color, the Citizen, Auburn, N.Y., Jack Palmer.

In the over-30,000-circulation group: Category 1, Messenger-Inquirer, Owensboro, Ky., Tim Thompson; Category 2, Boston Globe, Oliver H.P. Rodman Jr.; Category 3, Amarillo (Texas) Globe-News, Steve Beasley; Category 4, Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa, Diane Mohr; Category 5, Las Vegas (Nev.) Review-Journal, Jack Harpster; Category 6, Las Vegas Review-Journal; Category 7, Times Leader, Wilkes Barre, Pa., Robert Kellagher; Category 8, Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, Gary Merrell; Category 9, Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, Gene Grant; Category 10, Observer-Reporter, Washington, Pa., Robert McFeely; Full Color, Boston Globe, Rodman, Jr.; Spot Color, Newcastle Herald, New South Wales, Australia, Craig Andrew.

The Circulation Promotion Awards winners are listed below by category, subcategory (where applicable), circulation group, newspaper and person who submitted the entry: Category 1, Sales Promotion/Carrier Sales, under 25,000, the Maui News, Wailuku, Hawaii, Elmer Kaoholani; 25,000-74, 999, Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, S.D., Judith Skinner; 75,000-149,999, San Francisco Examiner, Steve Hearst; 150,000-299,999, Hartford (Conn.) Courant, Judd Alvord; 300,000 and over, Los Angeles Times, Jack Klunder; Sales Promotion/District Sales Incentives, 25,000-74,999, Times Publishing Co., Erie, Pa., Chuck Jenkins; 75,000-149,999, Morning Call, Allentown, Pa., Richard E. Forgay II; 150,000-299,999, Daily Oklahoman, Gerald Beattie; 300,000 and over, Washington Post, Ted Lutz; Sales Promotion/Direct Mail, under 25,000, Daily Times-Call, Ty Ransdell; 25,000-74,999, the Telegraph, Nashua, N.H., Don Bernier; 75,000-149,999, News Journal, Wilmington, Del., John Truitt; 150,000-299,999, San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News, Steve Weaver; 300,000 and over, Washington Post, Lutz.

Category 2, Single Copy Sales, under 25,000, Goshen (Ind.) News, Terry Bauer; 25,000-74,999, Waterbury (Conn.) Republican-American, Edward Winters; 75,000-149,999, the Clarion Ledger, Jackson, Miss., Larry Gray; 150,000-299,999, Columbus Dispatch, Herb Baur; 300,000 and over, Chicago Tribune, Howard Hay.

Category 3, Carrier/Recruitment/Retention, under 25,000, Maui News, Kanoholani; 25,000-74,999, the Telegraph, Bernier; 75,000-149,999, Morning Call, Forgay II; 150,000-299,999, Syracuse Newspapers, Tom Heck; Carrier/ Recognition, under 25,000, Maui News, Kanoholani; 25,000-74,999, the Columbian, Vancouver, Wash., Marc Dailey; 75,000-149,999, Reno (Nev.) Gazette Journal, Terry Thompson; 150,000-299,999, Columbus Dispatch, Herb Baur; 300,000 and over, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, James Clark; Carrier/Safety, 25,000-74,999, Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel, Mardi Douglass; 75,000-149,999, Contra Costa News, Walnut Creek, Calif., Chris Tucher; 150,000-299,999, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Allan Fleming; 300,000 and over, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, Clark; Carrier/Scholarship Programs, 75,000-149,999, the Morning Call; 150,000-299,999, Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, Allen Walton; 300,000 and over, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, Clark.

Category 4, International Carrier Day, under 25,000, Goshen News, Bauer; 25,000-74,999, the Leader-Post, Regina, Saskatchewan, Steve Gloster; 75,000-149,999, the Press, Atlantic City, N.J., Vito Cicero; 150,000-299,999, Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky., David Thomas; 300,000 and over, Washington Post, Lutz.

Category 5, Audio/Video, Direct Response Circulation Commercials, TV or radio, New York Newsday, Harold Woldt; Sales/Motivational Training Slides and/or Video for Circulation Personnel, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, Clark.

Category 6, Newspaper in Education, under 25,000, Daily Times-Call, Connie Coffield; 25,000-74,999, Herald-Dispatch, Huntington, W.Va., Thomas Myers; 75,000-149,999, Macon (Ga.) Telegraph, Harry Davis and Dixie Stegman; 150,000-299,999, Courier Journal, Thomas; 300,000 and over, Houston Post, David Sundwall-Byers.

Category 7, Customer Service/Retention, under 25,000, Wabash (Ind.) Plain Dealer, Galen Bremer; 25,000-74,999, Times Publishing Co., Erie, Pa., Chuck Jenkins; 75,000-149,999, the Morning Call, Forgay II; 150,000-249,999, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Walton; 300,000 and over, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, Clark; Customer Service/Promotion, under 25,000, Marion (Ill.) Daily Republican, Pat Sweeney; 25,000-74,999, Wilmington (N.C.) Star-News, Anthony Meinert; 75,000-149,999, Mobile (Ala.) Press-Register, Michael Evans; 150,000-299,999, the Syracuse Newspapers, Heck; 300,000 and over, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, Clark.
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