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NAA PAC State Ambassador profile: Cynthia Lucas, CPM, Jacksonville, Fla. (NAA PAC).

NAA launched the NAA PAC State Ambassadors Program last year in an effort to expand NAA's influence and to continue the commitment of developing a first-rate PAC. Serving as an NAA PAC State Ambassador gives NAA members the opportunity to educate fellow members about the benefits of supporting the NAA PAC.

An Ambassador helps increase the number of members who are authorized to be solicited in their state and helps ensure that their state meets or exceeds its fair share goal. In addition, Ambassadors develop long-term relationships with members of Congress and multifamily housing industry leaders.

Cynthia Lucas, CPM, is Vice President of Calex Realty Group in Jacksonville, Fla. She has served as PAC Ambassador for the past year. She is one of 53 Ambassadors serving the NAA PAC.

For information on becoming a PAC Ambassador, contact Bradley Hix, NAA's Manager of NAA PAC and Grassroots, at or call 703/518-6141.

Why did you choose to volunteer to become a PAC Ambassador?

I realize the need to have a voice for our industry in the congressional arena. Congress must be continually educated about our concerns and issues prior to proposing or enacting any legislation that could affect multifamily housing. Potential legislation could not only change our profession and the way we do business, but affect real estate as an investment vehicle, or more importantly, affect the ability to provide affordable housing. I have been very active on a local level the past several years and understand the importance and benefit of being known and involved in politics as issues arise.

What has been your biggest challenge as a NAA PAC Ambassador?

I wouldn't necessarily say being an ambassador is challenging; it is more educational in nature. I look at fundraising in general as a personal challenge and always attempt to "one-up" the last campaign or charitable event and be a leader in everything I do.

Education creates awareness, which in turn gets people involved and loosens the purse strings. It's easy from there.

What is most rewarding about being a NAA PAC Ambassador?

The most rewarding part of being an Ambassador is networking with other professionals who realize the importance of being legislatively involved.

Listening to their strategies and being part of a group which is results-driven and passionate about the multifamily industry is very exciting.

What goals have you set this year?

My goal is to educate more members and affiliates about the importance of the NAA PAC and also make more congressional visits at the local, state and national level than in the past.

I want to continue to raise the bar for involvement in legislative efforts altogether.

What advice would you give someone who is considering becoming a NAA PAC Ambassador?

Make sure you are able to commit the time necessary to be effective. It has been a very positive experience and I enjoy the people I have had the pleasure to meet as a result.

Rallying people for a common cause and watching how politics play out based on the corresponding level of support can be incredibly entertaining. It keeps me on the edge!
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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