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NA not wrong about Zimbabwe.

I have always held the view that journalists were highly intelligent people with enough reasonable bind and foresight, but I don't think Osci Kofi (Wrong about Zimbabwe (NA, Letters, May) falls into this category.

He thinks he is an authority on Zimbabwean affairs, bur I would like to remind him that once the British set for in your territory, they stay forever or leave reluctantly. Where they cannot control, they make laws to give themselves citizenship, so they can continue to be at the top. Osei Kofi should mad the history of India, Kenya, Egypt, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

The struggle to decide one's destiny does not come cheap. Zimbabweans may be suffering today but I can assure you that they don't prefer the so-called aid and donations from the West, as this makes them feel like second-class citizens.

I was amazed to read from Osei's letter that "Mugabe resorted to heinous tactics of the murderous kind to cling on to power and thus took his country to the brink".

Osei should read this as lesson number one. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana did not resort to "heinous tactics of the murderous kind to cling to power", yet the economy of Ghana plunged to its lowest ebb. Does Osei know why? Because Nkrumah defied the West.

Osei talks about the Zimbabwean constitution as if any black was consulted in the drafting of the Rhodesian constitution. He must be enjoying his days in Geneva indeed! But, as Chinua Achebe once wrote, a stick could stay in water but will never be a fish or crocodile.

I was educated in two of the best universities in Europe, and I am married to a European, yet I do not claim to be more European like Osei does. I prefer to be an African from DRCongo.

Osei even contradicts himself. If every inch of Rhodesia was arable, why would the stingy British hack the land? The truth is that much of Zimbabwe's arable land is (or was) not in the hands of black Zimbabweans.

The infertile portion of the land requires intensive capital to develop, which the poor masses do not have. It is, therefore, cruel to the Zimbabwean people for Osei to lie that there is room for every rural family aiming the 12 million population to make a living on the land.

The Oppeheimer family land done straddles four provinces of Zimbabwe. How can even 500,000 black families get a garden each when just a single white family has that size of farm? And the Oppenheimers have more than one farm.

Yes, Mugabe is not a saint. But isn't he clinging to power just the same like Omar Bongo of Gabon, Paul Biya, of Cameroon, Eyadema of Togo? The economy of Zimbabwe might be deteriorating, but are the economies of these countries--Zambia, Malawi, even Ghana--whose leaders have no ancient Rolls Royces or hang colonial trinkets on their suits, may better than Zimbabwe's?

The Ghanaian currency, the cedi, is worse off than the Zimbabwe dollar, yet the Ghanaian economy is not under sanctions. So why is Osei Kofi mourning more than the bereaved?

Dipoko Wa Muluza

Gaborone, Botswana
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Wa Muluza, Dipoko
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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