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Mystery tool contest.

Joseph A. Bergbower correctly identified the May/June mystery tool as a pan handle, used to grasp and move hot pie tins, pot lids and the like. He will be receiving a copy of the Farm Collector Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools. Congratulations, Joseph!

According to a 1915 patent awarded to John J. Duket of Toledo, Ohio, this item is "to provide a convenient implement of the kind that is adapted to be readily attached as a handle to and detached from a pan or similar vessel, and ... that is also adapted to be conveniently used as a stove lid lifter."

Now, take a look at the top image at right for this issue's Name That Tool contest. The first person to email or write in with the correct answer will receive a copy of Farm Collector Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools and a one-year subscription to Farm Collector. another great Ogden Publications title (check it out at



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Title Annotation:NAME THAT TOOL!
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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