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Mystery call-girl author revealed?


The identity of a mystery internet call girl, who detailed her life on the internet and became a cult hit, may have been revealed.

Belle de Jour, who recently signed a five book publishing deal, is, according to an American literary sleuth, Sarah Champion, a 33 year old author from Manchester. De Jour's agent has denied the claim saying he had never heard of Champion.

Champion and de Jour do have some common traits, such as a love of obscure bands and modern literature, as well as both having relatives in Yorkshire. Dan Foster, who uncovered the author of the anonymous political novel, Primary Colours, said that Champion's literary fingerprint is the only match to de Jour's.

On her website de Jour denied the claims that she had been unmasked, while Champion, who now lives in San Francisco, neither denied or confirmed the rumours but did say she had never been a call girl, reports The Times.
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Date:Mar 18, 2004
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