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Myriant Corporation.


3 liatterymarch Park

3rd Floor

Quincy, MA 02169

Tel: +1 61.7 657,5200



Founded: 2008

Additional Facilities

Myriant R&D: Woburn, MA

Manufacturing/Plant Facility: Lake Providence, LA (Myriant Lake Providence)

Company Description

Myriam Corporation is a privately-held biotech developer and manufacturer of renewable biochemicals. With a world-renowned team of molecular biologists, engineers and chemists, Myriam utilizes proprietary technology to advance the development of low cost natural sugars for the sustainable commercialization of high-value specialty chemicals. Myriant started .commercial production of bio-based succinic acid and Myrifilm bio based coalescing solvent in 2013.

Technical Mission

At Myriam, we know there's a better, greener way to produce the products people use every day. We're realizing that vision--displacing barrels of petroleum by manufacturing and selling high-value chemicals made from renewable, sustainable feedstocks.

Products' Scope

Myriant's platform produces a broad pipeline of bio-based chemicals including bio-succinic acid, Myrifilm[R] renewable coalescing solvent and other bio-based products that perform equal to, or better than, traditional petroleum-based products. Our bio-based chemicals integrate seamlessly into existing chemical production processes to provide a wide range of consumer applications.

Unique Products

Myriant's bio-based chemicals are sustainable, economical, drop-in replacements and substitutes for petroleum-based chemicals that are used in a vast array of consumer products. Building on our success with bio-succinic acid, Myriant is continuing to expand its product portfolio, including the development and scale-up of new bio-based chemicals like acrylic acid and muconic acid, basic building blocks used to make many every day products. We're also supporting our customers in the development of new products based on our bio-succinic acid, such as plasticizers that offer an attractive alternative to petroleum-derived adipic acid and plithalic anhydride based plasticizers, UV curable polyester acrylate oligomers, and polyester resins and polyols. We've also recently introduced Myritiling our bio-succinic acid based coalesccnt solvent used to manufacture renewable coatings and adhesives.


Myriant's formula for realizing the market potential of industrial bio-based chemicals tod.1v includes: a proven technology platform, a growing pipeline of high-value products, a team of experienced biotechnology, engineering, and business leaders, a solid track record of commercial success with world-class partners and customers as well as a shared commitment to driving positive transformation.

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* Bio-succinic Acid: Myriant Bio-succinic acid is produced by a proprietary fermentation process from renewable sugars. Myriant Bio-succinic acid can replace existing petroleum-based succinic acid in current applications and can be used in new applications to give products with .a substantial renewable content, a reduced carbon footprint, with superior performance and no green price premium. Targeted high volume, new applications include urethanes, plasticizers, bio plastics, chemical intermediates and many other products for this versatile platform chemical.

* Myrifilm' Coalescing Solvent: Myrifilm[R] coalescing solvent offers manufacturers of adhesives, paints and coatings, inks, and other products a high efficiency, renewable, low odor, zero VOC, cost-effective, green alternative to petrochemical based coalescing solvents with exceptional performance.

* Bio 1,4-Butanediol: Myrianes bio BDO, produced From bio Succinic acid is a drop in for all BDO applications. Immediate and continuous availability of bio BDO allows users to be the first to enter their end use markets with renewable content BDO derivatives such. as engineering plastics, urethane systems. solvents and fibers.
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