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Myriad Panasonic products to debut.

LAS VEGAS--Matsushita Consumer Electronics Co. will present a bevy of new Panasonic products at Winter CES here later this week, including new dark-tint TVs and the company's first car navigation system.

Panasonic's first car-navigation unit uses a CD-ROM-based computer and Global Positioning Satellites to track the vehicle and a fluorescent display to show the map.

The system also keeps track of the car's speed and direction and warns the driver when a turn is approaching through both a verbal command and through the display screen. Pricing and shipping information was not available.

The company's PanaBlack line of ultra-dark, contrast-improving picture tubes has been expanded to include six new models: the 31-inch CT-31G30, CT-31G20 and CT-31G10 and 27-inch CT-27G30, CT-27G20 and CT-27G10.

The PanaBlack tube in each model is said to improve contrast by about 40 percent over conventional TVs. All new units also boast artificial intelligence sound and the company's exclusive Easicon menu system.

The new sets also benefit from the addition of improved natural phosphors to the picture tubes, resulting in purer reds and greens. A precision notch filter helps eliminate cross-color interference.

The 31-inch models deliver 700 lines of resolution while the 27-inch sets provide 600 lines.

All employ dbx noise reduction and are Secondary Audio Program-equipped so they can decode foreign language or narrative simulcasting. On all but the CT-27G20 and CT-27G10, bass, treble and balance are user-adjustable. And all are equipped with variable audio output jacks for easy connection to external stereo equipment.

The artificial intelligence sound in each set detects and compensates for drastic volume changes, and this user-activated function can equalize volume levels among different TV channels or between broadcast TV and other video sources.

The Easicon menu system in each set lets viewers select an appropriate on-screen icon with the remote control and hit the "action" button for such functions as clock/timer setting, selected closed captioning or audio/video level adjustments. This either activates the feature or guides users through the process. Other Easicon operated functions include picture-in-picture control, game guard, initial tuner programming and channel captioning.

The entry-level CT-31G10 and CT-27G10 have such features as selectable English or Spanish on-screen displays, closed captioning that can be automatically activated, programmable off/on timer, clock and sleep timers, four-character channel captioning for up to 30 stations, game guard to block channels 3 and 4 and video inputs, and rapid tuning between any two channels.

The former offers two sets of A/V inputs for multiple sources and has an S-Video input for direct connection of a similarly equipped Super VHS VCR or laserdisc player to the TV's luminance/chrominance circuits. The included remote control operates all TV features as well as many VCR and cable box functions.

Suggested retail prices are $999 for the CT-31G10 and $549 for the CT-27G10. The former ships in May, the latter in April.

The CT-31G20 and CT-27G20 have all of the above features, and add P-I-P. The inset can appear in two sizes, be moved to any corner of the screen and be interchanged with the main picture at the touch of a button. The inset can also be used for a still frame of the main picture.

Suggested tags are $1,099 for the former and $649 for the latter. Both ship in May.

The CT-31G30 and CT-27G30 add twin-tuner PIP so two channels can be viewed simultaneously without the need for an external video source. Both also feature surround sound capability, which delays the phase of the stereo difference signal.

Each also comes equipped with two sets of A/V inputs and a single S-Video input. Their universal remotes command TV VCR and cable box and major features of most laserdisc players. On-screen display is in English only on these two models.

Suggested retails are $1,199 for the former and $749 for the latter. Both ship in June.

All models boast a new cabinet with matte-gray finish and slim speakers.

Four new SuperFlat models will also debut at the show. In addition to the SuperFlat System, whose screen has 30 percent less curvature than traditional picture tubes, each employs Panasonic's Dome Sound System and artificial intelligence sound circuitry.

All four set--the 31-inch CT-31SF22, CT-31SF12 and 27-inch CT-27SF22 and CT-27SF12--can produce 700 lines of horizontal resolution. Comb and notch filters are standard.

Features exclusive to the CT-31SF22 and CT-27SF22 include the addition of French as an onsceen display option, parental guidance control, two on/ off timers and favorite channel scanning. The former also adds velocity modulated scan for sharper black to white transitions. Each set has two A/V inputs and an S-Video input.

Suggested retail prices are $1,299 for the CT-31SF22, $1,199 for the CT-31SF12, $999 for the CT-27SF22 and $799 for the CT-27SF12. The first three ship in May, the last in April.

Three new 35-inch direct-view sets are also on display. The CT-35G30, CT-35G20 and console CT-35S61 all have PanaBlack tubes and the Easicon menu system, along with both comb and notch filters.

All three can reproduce up to 750 lines of resolution and each set has a 7 watts-per-channel stereo amplifier, built-in surround sound and dbx noise reduction. All three also feature P-I-P, and let users store memory in three preferred picture settings. Three sets of video parameters can be recalled instantly.

The CT-35G30 uses artificial intelligence for improved video as well as audio. Video enhancements on this step-up model include horizontal edge correction, color noise reduction and luminance noise reduction. It also has dual tuners for P-I-P.

Suggested retail prices are $2,099 for the CT-35S61, $1,899 for the CT-35G30 and $1,699 for the CT-35G20. The first ships in July, the last two in June.

Four new 20-inch sets--the CT-20G30, CT-20G20, CT-20G10 and CT-20R12--are on display as well. All have PanaBlack tubes and all but the CT-20R12 are stereo. They have precision notch filters, and horizontal resolution is 330 lines from an RF source with a maximum horizontal resolution of 500 lines.

All four also feature Easicon menus, and the top-of-the-line CT-20G30 adds the Panasonic Dome Sound System. They also each have a single pair of A/V inputs.

Suggested retail prices are $379 for the CT-20G30, $319 for the CT-20G20, $299 for the CT-20G10 and $269 for the CT-20R12. The first ships in April, the last in February and the middle two in March.

Three new 13-inch TVs are on display, including the CT-13R22, CT-13R12 and CT-13R13. Each can reproduce 400 lines of resolution and have precision notch filters and Easicon menus.

The first operates on both AC power or with an included DC power cord, for out-of-doors use on boats or recreational vehicles. The second is a black cabinet for use anywhere in the house, while the third has a gloss white cabinet for kitchen use.

The CT-13R22 has a suggested retail price of $299 while the other two are $249 each, respectively, and all three ship in March.

Two 9-inch TVs on display are the CT-9R20 and CT-9R10. Both have precision notch filter and bottom swivel brackets for use in a workshop, kitchen or any room where people frequently move about.

The former comes with DC power capability. The latter additionally comes with a swiveling top bracket for placing under a counter or cabinet. It is available in kitchen white.

Suggested retail prices are $319 and $289, respectively. Both ship in April.

Seven new combination TVCRs will also make their debut at CES. Top-of-the-line is a 27-inch PV-M2765, followed by three 20-inch PV-M2065, PV-M2045 and stereo PV-M2035 and three 13-inch PV-M1345, PV-M1355W and PV-M1365AD.

The last operates on either AC or DC power, and all include staple features from Panasonic's TV and VCR lines. All new TVCRs but the AC-DC model feature the company's exclusive Program Director for programming simplicity as well as on-screen displays in English or Spanish.

A Black Level Expansion Circuit is common throughout the line, and the 20-inch units additionally get PanaBlack tubes.

Suggested retail range from $429 to $999, and all seven TVCRs will ship by May.

Five new monaural VCRs on display will be the PV-2501, PV-4501, PV-4511, PV-4512 and PV-4514. All come with the Program Director and a remote control that commands a cable box, plus an on-screen display in English, Spanish or French.

All also have real-time counters, Quick Play operation and timer backup.

The two stepup units, the PV-4512 and PV-4514, come with VCR Plus+ and front A/V inputs and multi-brand TV/cable box remotes.

Suggested retails range from $199 to $289, and all will ship by March.

Five new hi-fi-stereo models on display are the PV-4564, PV-4562, PV-4561, PV-4551 and Super-VHS PV-S4566. All feature the Program Director and one model even sets its own clock.

The PV-4564 adds Hi-Fi Spatializer for the illusion of surround sound from the TV's own speakers.

All are designed for everyday time-shifting, accomplished by using a thumbwheel to select start and stop time, date, channel and tape speed. Pressing the thumb-wheel sends the information to the VCR, and up to eight programs can be put in at a time.

Suggested retails range from $299 to $499 and all will ship by May.

Two high-end VCRs on display will be the Super-VHS PV-S4580 and standard VHS PV-4570. Both have the company's exclusive Dyn-Amorphous Metal Heads for enhanced picture clarity.

These trilingual units also offer the Program Director and VCR Plus+.

Suggested retails are $1,099 and $899, respectively, and both ship in May.

Four new camcorders will also be on display. They include the PV-IQ205 and color viewfinder PV-IQ305 plus the PV-IQ405 and color viewfinder PV-IQ505.

All are part of the company's point-and-shoot-oriented IQ Series Palmcorders. The last two offer built-in lights and Digital Electronic Image Stabilization for steadier images.

Suggested retails range from $699 to $999. Availability is forthcoming.

On the video tape front, the company will introduce a 40-minute tape in VHS-C format. The high-grade TC40tape (NV-TC40ZH) can record for a full two hours in EP/SLP.

Suggested retail is $9.99 and it ships this month.

The company also will introduce a 130-minute blank tape, the T130 ZETAS. It can record up to two hours and 10 minutes in EP mode and 6.5 hours in EP/SLP.

Suggested retail is $3.99 and it ships in February.

Three laserdisc players will debut as well.

the auto-reverse LX-H670 at $549 suggested retail includes a 37-key remote control and headphone jack with separate volume control. It ships this month.

The LX-K570 and LX-K770, at $699 and $999, respectively, can play karaoke discs in addition to CDs and laserdiscs. Both ship this month.
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