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Mykrolis Showcases IMPACT 2 Filter and IMPACT 2 Manifold at SEMICON West; Tighter Filtration and Compact Footprint Address Critical Needs in Semiconductor Manufacturing Process.

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SEMICON West 2003

BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 14, 2003

Mykrolis Corporation (NYSE: MYK), a leading supplier of components and subsystems to the semiconductor industry, will showcase its Impact(R) 2 disposable filter and manifold at the SEMICON West trade show (Booth #726) in San Francisco July 14-16, 2003. Mykrolis's Impact 2 filter and manifold offer OEMs and end-users a compact footprint of 60 mm and is now available in a 0.02 micron pore size to support the most stringent filtration requirements.

Designed as a standalone or for use with next-generation photochemical dispense systems, the Impact 2 filter and manifold address the growing need in semiconductor manufacturing for tighter filtration and smaller tool size. To support finer pore sizes, Mykrolis's Impact 2 filters utilize an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UPE) flat-sheet membrane. In addition to the new 0.02 micron offering, Impact 2 filters are also available in 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, and 0.2 micron pore sizes.

At 60 mm, the Mykrolis Impact 2 offers a smaller footprint to support more points of dispense per tool. The manifold features Mykrolis's patented Connectology(TM) changeout mechanism. These disposable point-of-use filters quickly connect and seal with the Impact 2 manifold during changeout, eliminating any handling of the filter element. This innovative design reduces potential exposure to hazardous chemicals during installation and disposal, promoting a safer work environment while increasing tool uptime.

"Mykrolis's Impact 2 filter and manifold offering exemplifies our responsiveness and commitment to our customers," said Linda Natale, product manager at Mykrolis Corp. "As the semiconductor manufacturing industry moves to finer line widths and more rigorous process controls, both our OEM and end-user customers are demanding more advanced purification technologies. They're also demanding smaller component footprints to ensure the most cost-effective utilization of real estate in the fab. With our Impact 2 filter and manifold, we're proactively addressing both concerns. Customers who have converted to the Impact 2 product offering are experiencing process advantages such as reduced on-wafer defects."

About Mykrolis

Mykrolis Corporation, based in Billerica, Massachusetts, is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and supplier of liquid and gas delivery systems, components and consumables used to precisely measure, deliver, control and purify the process liquids, gases and chemicals, as well as the deionized water, photoresists and vacuum systems utilized in the semiconductor manufacturing process. In addition, the Company's products are used to manufacture a range of other products, such as flat panel displays, high purity chemicals, photoresists, solar cells, gas lasers, optical disks and fiber optic cables. Mykrolis is formerly Millipore Microelectronics, Inc. For more information, visit

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Date:Jul 14, 2003
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