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Myeloma UK signs new contract with Structural Genomics Consortium.

M2 PHARMA-January 29, 2016-Myeloma UK signs new contract with Structural Genomics Consortium


Myeloma UK, a charitable organisation that seeks to accelerate the discovery, development and access to new treatments and help families affected by a myeloma diagnosis, has signed a new contract that is intended to help bring treatments to myeloma patients faster.

It was reported yesterday that the organisation has signed an open-access global research partnership with the Structural Genomics Consortium to discover and characterise novel drug targets for myeloma.

Both organisations have agreed not to file for patents on any of the collaborative research and to make all reagents and knowledge available without restriction to the wider research community, including pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research groups. As part of the collaboration, Myeloma UK will support scientists at the Structural Genomics Consortium to generate biology data and open access research tools to explore potential drug targets, and link Myeloma UK clinical and pre-clinical experts into the Structural Genomics Consortium's open access network. This project reinforces the early-stage component of the Myeloma UK research pipeline, which extends into phase II clinical trials.

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Date:Jan 29, 2016
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