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Myelofibrosis--reversed: Bob Owens recovers from 25 years of pain and disability.

Too many people think of the Gerson Therapy as a treatment for cancer. The reason is quite obvious: the pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed the public to believe that each disease requires a specific drug. Worse, medical doctors are also trained to believe this fiction. It is difficult to convince doctors that all chronic degenerative diseases are basically caused by two major problems: deficiency and toxicity. For that reason, when we can help the patient with hyperalimentation (feeding the deficient patient with the correct, living organic nutrients) as well as detoxification, it is perfectly possible to cure most of the so-called "incurable" diseases.

One of these, a relatively rare condition, is called "myelofibrosis." It is described as "a disorder marked by the overproduction of scar tissue, turning normal functioning bone marrow into useless fiber cells. The medical dictionary states that its origin (etiology) is unknown.

By the time Bob Owens was 58 years old he had suffered for many years from constant bone pain. This started on his return from Viet Nam in 1970, after he had been exposed to Agent Orange along with other toxic materials. For many years, during the 80s and 90s he only took aspirin. However, when he reported to the VA Hospital, he was prescribed 3,000 mg/day of Ibuprofen for pain relief. He actually took this huge amount for 1-2 years until it finally severely damaged his stomach, Meantime he was also diagnosed with lupus, and some time later, with fibromyalgia. His skin was also sick: it blistered, scabbed, flaked and was scaly. He finally stopped taking Ibuprofen. He also tried creams and "stuff." In spite of his damaged stomach, his constant pain and his damaged skin, he never stopped working. He had joined the carpenter's union and worked in carpentry, a very toxic occupation with its solvents, glues containing formaldehyde, chemically treated wood and more. In 1996, he quit carpentry and went into pipe welding--no less toxic--till September of 2006--all this time suffering with whole body pain; all his joints and bones were constantly hurting.

Finally, one day as he was going to bed for the night, he noted that there was a large bump on his left side. This sent him to a doctor who found that Bob's spleen was hugely swollen. Although he looked at it, the doctor did nothing! Shortly after that, Bob "crashed." He was in so much pain he was unable to get up and work. The swelling that was his spleen was still more severe, and his spleen went from his pelvis to his rib-cage. His wife, Judy, says that he looked grey. Of course he was severely anemic since his bone marrow, turned largely into scar tissue, was unable to produce red blood cells!

Bob was finally diagnosed adequately by a doctor in a cancer hospital in Columbia, Missouri who did a bone marrow biopsy. That hospital, the Ellis Fischel, a part of the University of Missouri complex, specializes in cancer. On recognizing and reconfirming that Bob was suffering from myelofibrosis, he suggested a drug, Thalidomide (!) which had a less than 30% chance of reducing the swelling of the spleen within six months but which also had very severe side-effects. Bob declined to take the drug. In that case, the doctor said, there was nothing he could do, that Bob should go home and get his affairs in order. Nevertheless, he suggested that Bob return for another check-up in three months. When Bob did come back, the doctor was amazed that he was still alive!

Finally the Owenses heard of the Gerson Caregiver training and attended the October 2006 session in San Diego. Amazingly, from almost the first enema Bob ever took, after overcoming his natural resistance to such a procedure, he was virtually free of pain--the first time in some 30 years! While Bob had started on the Therapy a little earlier on his own, he went to the Mexican Gerson Hospital in December 2006. Now, a little over a year since he started on the strict Therapy and he feels very well. For the first time in a long time, Bob has no pain, and Dr. M. tells him that his blood test is almost entirely normal. His bone marrow is miraculously producing the needed cells again.

Bob and his wife tell us that they were delighted that they went to the Caregivers Training before they went to the Hospital, since they knew roughly what to expect and how to set up their house for the Therapy when they got home.

Bob tells us that his swollen spleen is down by about 50% but there is still a ways to go. We are not claiming that he is cured, but he is certainly on the road to a total recovery.
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Author:Gerson, Charlotte
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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