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My thoughts, in memory of my mother.

Byline: Paul McDermott, Edge

A subtle shadow sidles at your door A stranger, certainly - of that you''re sure And yet: there''s something familiar in his face The look in his eye? The shape of his nose? Something in his profile you can''t quite place? Perhaps he told you a sorrowful tale, averring truth To gain your trust, dissembling about his tragic youth Step by stealthy step this genial rogue evolved to a rogue gene Which multiplied and spread: silent, sinuous, unseen Draining your life force. A thief in the night Sapping your strength. Now the star which once burned bright Collapses: a black hole of despair Sleep now. Rest, brave Taurus, struggle no more Your life''s thread cut by cancer''s cruel claw
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 2, 2012
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