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My teenage sister had sex with my husband in our bed..for five years; AN ASTONISHING STORY OF BETRAYAL THAT SHATTERED A FAMILY.


THEY were loving words - but they tore Tracey Carter's world apart. "I love you so much. You're my first and only lover and I'll never want anyone else."

Tracey, 27, had stumbled upon a love note written to her husband Andy - from her younger sister Laura Tyson.

But this was no one-night stand. Andy and Laura had been locked in a passionate five-year affair which had started when Laura was just 17.

The pair began their illicit liaisons when Tracey invited her sister to move in with her and Andy when she needed a place to stay.

But her act of kindness was repaid by Laura regularly sleeping with her husband, often in their marital bed.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, Tracey reveals how Andy had:

-SLEPT with her sister the night before their wedding.

-TAKEN Laura's virginity, and then used every opportunity to have sex with her - even in the marital bed.

-CONTINUED seeing Laura after she found out.

"People might think I've been foolish and blind to what was going on, but I never expected my own flesh and blood to betray me," says Tracey.

She first began to suspect something two years ago when Laura started joining Andy on his night shifts as a milkman. She says: "I began to think they were being overly friendly with one another and started to spend a lot of time together.

"They weren't flirty but messed about and giggled a lot. In the end, I felt like their maid - doing all the chores only to be shoved into the background. I did start to resent it."

Then Laura joined Andy on his milk round. "She said she was just going to keep him company, and when I confronted them both separately to ask if anything was going on they both denied it. I believed them because I trusted them."

"When I married Andy we already had one daughter and had a son on the way, and I thought we'd be together forever. Now I feel such a fool."

Now divorced from Andy, she recalls the whirlwind romance in which they moved in together just two weeks after meeting at work in 1996.

"I was a security guard and he wouldn't leave me alone," she recalls. "He was so romantic at first and sent me flowers almost every day."

Within weeks, Tracey unexpectedly fell pregnant with their daughter Kirsten who is now six.

"It was a real shock. We were pleased, even though we were still just getting to know each other."

Tracey says Andy, now 32, loved being a father and the couple from Swindon, Wilts, became engaged on Valentine's Day.

But the strains of parenthood and the lack of money took its toll and their sex life ground to a halt. "I went off it after having my daughter, so we didn't bother much," she says.

Then, in late 1998, Tracey discovered that her younger sister Laura had nowhere to live.

"She'd been causing problems with our parents and they'd asked her to move out. We had never been that close, but she paid us rent which helped with the bills."

Laura was 17 when she moved in, and Tracey says the arrangement worked well at first. "I'd do the cooking, cleaning and washing while she and Andy went out to work. For a long time I had no reason to suspect anything."

But gradually over the months, Laura and Andy seemed to grow closer ...especially when Tracey took on a part-time job as a fruit and veg packer which meant she was often gone all night.

Despite her suspicions Tracey and Andy got married in the summer of 2000. "It felt a natural step," she says. "I wanted a church wedding, but we couldn't afford it so it was in a registry office."

Tracey spent the night before the wedding at her mum's home nearby, but Laura stayed at home with Andy.

"She later told me they were in our bed," says Tracey bitterly.

Tracey finally found out about the affair just two weeks after she'd got the news that she was pregnant with her son Laurence, now one. "I needed to borrow pounds 10 from her purse and found a perfectly folded note there. It gave me the shock of my life. It was a letter she'd written to Andy saying how much she loved him and that he had taken her virginity. I was devastated." Laura had given the letter to Andy who, fearing Tracey might find it, had told her to destroy it. She hadn't. "I was shaking and crying," says Tracey. "I confronted Andy and showed him the letter. Eventually he confessed, but said it only happenedonce." That weekend Tracey threw Laura out of the house while Andy went to stay with his mother. "Laura rubbed my face in it by saying they'd had sex in our bed, in the bath, on the stairs and in his van - and even on the night before our wedding, but of course he denied all of that." Desperate to keep her family together, and with a baby on the way, Tracey took Andy back - on condition he stopped seeing Laura. "For the sake of our children I wanted things to workout with him," she says. But later she was devastated to discover the affair had continued. "He'd say he was doing overtime, but wouldn't get back until really late at night. I knew he was meeting her." Eventually she filed for divorce which came through last month - but she is considering taking Andy back. "But he's had so many chances, does he deserve another?" she wonders. And although she is back on speakingterms with Laura, she admits: "There is no bond between us like there should be." Laura and Andy claim to have not seen each other for six months - but admitted their affair had lasted five years on the TV chat show Tricia last week. But Andy says: "We only had sex a few times. Laura is making it all up. "I know I've done wrong, but I want to get on with my life with Tracey."



TODAY Laura is filled with remorse and wishes she could turn back the clock.

And she accuses her sister's husband of seducing her when she was young and naive.

"Andy first made a move on me when I was asleep on the sofa," she says.

"Tracey was upstairs in bed, and he put his hands up my top. I was shocked at first, but he told me he loved me, and that he'd leave Tracey for me.

"He always said he wanted to marry me and have children with me, not her. I can't believe I fell for him - it was all lies.

"One year he even got us both the same Valentine's Day card.

"I wanted to tell Tracey about us, and on their wedding day I almost stood up to say it shouldn't go ahead, but I was too scared."

Laura, now 22, says: " He was my first boyfriend and I lost my virginity to him.

"He always wanted sex when we had the chance, and it's true we were in their bed the night before the wedding.

"He was using me for sex because Tracey wouldn't sleep with him.

"And he never showed any trace of guilt - he didn't care at all, as long as Tracey didn't find out.

"I really do regret it and wish I could turn the clock back. I was only 17 when it started and he should have known better.

"I've learnt from my mistakes, but I'm not sure he has.

"Tracey should get rid of him for good."


WEDDING DAY: Andy and Tracey on their wedding day. He had spent the night before in bed with her sister. Now she has divorced him, but he wants them to get back together again BITTER: Tracey today; CHEATING HUSBAND; Andy Carter denies affair lasted for years; CHEATED BRIDE; Tracey found a love letter from her sister; GRIEF: Laura Tyson
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 9, 2003
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