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My sis Sara loves fame ..that's why she beds so many celebs; BB9: AUSSIE BABE'S SEX & DRUGS TEEN YEARS EXCLUSIVE.


BIG Brother beauty Sara Folino is a sex-mad maneater who has had a string of celebrity lovers, her sister has revealed.

Brittany Folino, 21, told how her big sis loves dating men in the public eye and boasts of romps with pop stars.

But stunning MTV employee Sara, 27, was heartbroken after being dumped by former Radio 1 DJ Wes Butters following a passionate romance.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror at her parents' home in Melbourne, student Brittany said: "Sara loves having sex with well-known men.

"It gives her a thrill to be with a man everyone is paying attention to. If she fancies a guy, she'll go for it - and looking like Angelina Jolie helps.

"In the BB house, she said she fancies Stu, but her ideal man is Rex. He's young and loaded - just the kind she likes. She loves sex and told me that, if a guy takes her fancy, she'll definitely sleep with him."

Brittany also told how Sara has boasted about romping with Celebrity Big Brother star Samuel Preston and singer Adam Levine, of American band Maroon 5.

And she revealed how, as a teenager Sara would go missing for days at a time on drink and drug binges - making their parents John and Elaine sick with worry. Eventually, they snapped and kicked her out of the family home.

Brittany, who still lives at the home with Sara's twin brother Ryan and younger brother Jarrod, said: "Sara got into drugs and started sleeping around with boys. By 17, she had lost her virginity.

"I was 10 and I remember my parents and Sara having screaming arguments. In the end, they couldn't take any more and told her to get out."

Sara stayed at pals' homes before deciding to move to London with a couple of friends.

She qualifies for a British passport because her mum comes from Lancashire. And after searching for work, she landed a job as a PA at music channel MTV. "It was a dream come true as she's met loads of famous people," said Brittany. "Wes was one of the first people she met. He was her first love and he broke her heart. They even moved in together - but he dumped her after two months and she was devastated."

Sara's MTV work also nearly got her into trouble during a trip to Dubai - in a situation like that of Britons Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer, who currently face six years' jail after allegedly being caught having sex on a beach there.

Sara and MTV presenter Tim Kash had gone to the city for an event and they kissed on a beach - falling foul of the strict public decency laws. Brittany said: "They were on sun-loungers and started kissing - not realising it was against the law to be intimate in public. A policeman told them they had to stop and they did, thank goodness."

MTV also gave Sara the chance to get up close and personal with even bigger name stars. Brittany said: "Sara met Enrique Iglesias and rappers Akon and Ludacris at an event in Malta last year. Enrique called Sara the 'sexy Australian' - she was thrilled." And she met Ordinary Boys singer Preston, 26, at a party soon after he left Celebrity Big Brother in 2006. At the time, he had split from his girlfriend Camille Aznar and hadn't got together with CBB winner Chantelle Houghton. A friend said: "She and Preston met at a party in London and it was lust at first sight. Sara was hooked on CBB and was a massive fan of Preston.

"It was just a fling, though, and Preston went on to marry Chantelle."

Sara also boasted about bedding Adam Levine from Maroon 5.

"She loves the band and Adam is a real hunk. Bedding him was a great notch on her bedpost," the friend said. Brittany added: "She'd love to be famous herself - that's why she applied for BB. She called me the night before she entered the house and was so excited, saying it was the chance of a lifetime.

Sara won't be shy about taking her clothes off. She's a typical 'Sheila'."

On Thursday, Sara told Rebecca she had a crush on Stu - seconds before throwing up after a drink-fuelled party. But Brittany said: "Stu's good looking but he's a personal trainer in Manchester. Unlike Rex whose dad is a millionaire."

Which may just account for why Barnsley goalkeeper Luke Steele, 24, got kicked into touch last year at London's Paper nightclub.

Brittany said: "Luke homed in on her as soon as he saw her. They got on well but it didn't develop into a relationship.

"At the end of the day, Sara will settle down - but it'll have to be with a proper celebrity."

'She fancies Stu but Rex is her ideal man..young and loaded'


Dream fella...Sara with Rex; Sara (left) and sis Brittany on night out in Oz; Ex...Barnsley goalie Luke Steele; Hello BBoys...Sara enters; Rapped up...meeting singer Akon; Star pal...with Enrique Iglesias; Snogs...with MTV's Tim Kash; Fling...CBB Preston
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jul 13, 2008
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