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My sexual inexperience shows.

Byline: Joan Burnie

Q I MET a girl online back in the summer and we eventually met up.

We got on really well and she invited me back to hers. We had a bit of a snog but I thinks he was disappointed it didn't go any further.

She then texted me and asked if I was a virgin. I told her I was. She said it was sweet and she really liked me. She said she would be patient with me until I was ready.

But when we eventually had sex it was a disaster. It eventually got better and I developed strong feelings for her and she said she felt the same.

She also said she'd been badly hurt in the past. She told me about her previous boyfriend who had committed suicide.

It had really got to her as they'd been together for five years. I think she was used to bad things happening to her.

In the end, however, we couldn't go on. She said I was just too inexperienced for her. I know she was messed up mentally, but it still hurt.

Then I was in the pub feeling sorry for myself and got talking to this girl. She was really nice and ended up staying the night. But later on she sent me a text asking if she was the first girl I'd slept with.

So my sexual inexperience shows.

I'm 29 and only got the courage to get into dating this year.

So have I left it too late and will I ever meet a girl who can see" me" rather than my inexperience?

A YOU may have been pretty late off the mark as far as sexual relationships go but just because you've had a couple of knockbacks, doesn't mean you are doomed to be on your own forever.

Everyone, female as well as male, has their failures. So neither of these relationships worked out - not that the latter was a relationship.

But you've managed to prove to yourself that you're not unattractive to the opposite sex. If you were, you wouldn't have been able to pull in that pub, would you?

What you do now is get back into the game and hopefully it'll be better luck next time or even a couple of times after that.

The more relationships you have, the more experienced you'll become.

If you are convinced it's going to be a problem, then get a decent book on sexual technique and how to please women in bed. The internet is teeming with them. But don't be afraid to ask any future partner what they like and remember they won't all be looking for some super stud.

There is more to a decent relationship than sex after all.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 2, 2007
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