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My pain for a mum stuck in a nightmare.

Byline: saira kahn TV Presenter

I HAD never felt pain like this. At the top of the stairs in the Edhi Orphanage in Karachi - moments away from the baby girl I was about to adopt being put into my arms - I fell to my knees with the pain of loss and heartache for the woman who had given away her child.

I felt her pain as a mother, as a woman and as a human being. Although I didn't know her specific reason for giving up Amara for adoption, the fact that she had taken her to a safe place meant she wanted the best for her. A mother's primal instinct is to protect her children at all times from any danger. So what would you do if you were a mother in Aleppo and your city was being carpet-bombed and destroyed around you? If you had no food or water for your baby? What does a mother do faced with desperation, danger and disease and no safe haven? What instinct kicks in then? Horrifyingly, in the brutal onslaught of Aleppo, some women have been driven to suicide and infanticide - they believe they are better off dead than alive. Of course that's wrong. Of course there must be a better way or a more humane solution... but what? Must they stay and watch their children be blown up by a bomb, like the 100 killed last week? Try to reach a camp where women and children may be subjected to further abuse and exploitation? Or should they risk drowning as they try to flee the dangers by boat? As parents we must not become numb to the atrocities we are seeing and hearing about there. We cannot sit and judge the desperate actions some women have taken when there is no help in sight and no end to their nightmare.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask: What would I do? Only then can you scratch the surface of their despair.

It saddens me to the core that in 2016 our world has to witness such human degradation.

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 9, 2016
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