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My own sister tried to frame me for her sick paedo crimes; SIBLING IN SHOCK AS SHE IS WRONGLY ACCUSED; EXCLUSIVE.


WHEN police arrived at Natasha Raison's door in a riot van to say she was being arrested for the vile sex abuse of children she knew she'd been framed.

But the mum of one could never have imagined who was behind the plot to set her up for crimes she had never committed - her own sister.

Incredibly, elder sibling Marie Raison had abused two children so she could send pictures to a paedophile she had contacted online.

Nursery nurse Marie, 28, was pregnant when she assaulted the youngsters in a bid to impress pervert Paul Dent, who she had been matched with on a dating site but had never met in person.

Marie was rumbled when a pal found the disgusting images on her phone and told police.

Desperately trying to shift the blame she brazenly claimed sister Natasha, 25, had stolen her phone and taken the images.

The accusation sparked a police probe and weeks of hell in which Natasha was threatened by vigilantes, plunged into depression and driven to the brink of suicide.


Her ordeal only ended when police realised a tattoo seen in the pictures was similar to one of "Dad" she had on her arm - but not identical.

Both Marie and Dent were later jailed for their sick abuse conspiracy.

But Natasha said: "As a mum, it's hard enough to accept your own flesh and blood could abuse innocent children in such a horrific way. My heart bleeds for the victims.

"But words cannot tell how devastating it was that Marie blamed it on me. I'll never forgive her.

"Her lies left me on the verge of suicide and could have robbed my daughter of her mum. How can she live with herself ?"

After Marie made her accusation Natasha was removed from her family by police, strip-searched and locked in a cell for hours.

She was bailed but banned from seeing her own daughter, then three, leaving her so depressed she had to quit her job as a carer.

She suffered a barrage of abuse on social media, with some angry vigilantes threatening to stab her.

Natasha, who feared she would be going to jail, added: "Every day was a struggle.

"Innocent people have gone to prison in the past and I'd cry myself to sleep wondering if I'd ever see my girl again. I was also terrified of how I'd be treated in prison. I feared I'd be battered to death if people thought I was a paedo-phile.

"In the end, it was my tattoo which saved me. Marie and I have similar tattoos but they are in slightly different positions.

"The police told me this is how they ruled me out.

"I wept with relief and went straight to pick up my daughter, who jumped into my arms. But the scars caused by Marie's lies will live with me forever."

Marie was jailed for six years in February 2014 after admitting two counts of conspiracy to commit sexual activity with a child and one of conspiracy to take indecent photos of a child.

Dent, who lived 300 miles away in Tyne and Wear, got seven years for the same crimes. The judge who sentenced them at East London's Snaresbrook Crown Court said they were "both as bad as each other".

But Natasha's life was left in tatters and her relationship with her childhood sweetheart broke down under the strain.

Marie has now been released after serving half of her sentence and rehoused not far from Natasha's home in Romford, East London.

Natasha said: "Where is the justice? I live in fear of bumping into her because I'm scared I would unleash all my torment on her."

The siblings, along with a third sister, enjoyed a close relationship growing up.

Natasha fondly remembers the summers they spent playing together on the beach during happy seaside holidays. She said: "We were best friends and we did everything together."

Marie and Natasha drifted apart as teenagers after their parents split but still met up now and then.

Natasha said: "In her early teens Marie became moody and a bit difficult to be around. Some people remarked she was odd but I couldn't really see it. I certainly never imagined she could hurt a child."

The sisters last met in McDonald's a week before the photos were found on Marie's phone. Natasha said: "She was completely normal. I can't remember what we spoke about but I could never have guessed what she had been up to. When I think of it now I want to vomit."

Natasha's life unravelled on a summer morning in 2013 when police turned up and told her they were arresting her on suspicion of sexually assaulting children.

Marie had left her phone charging and a friend who was at the house saw the pictures she had saved.

Horrified, the woman had called the police, who had swooped to arrest Marie before she spun them her elaborate cover story. Natasha said: "The police knocked at my door and explained Marie had accused me.

"I went into total panic. A social worker had come to take my daughter away and that tore me to pieces. I'm just thankful she was only three because she'll remember so little about that day.


"I was taken to a police station and the staff on the desk gave me such filthy looks, like I was the scum of the earth.

"I'd never been in trouble in my life but I spent more than six hours in a cell, crying and feeling like a criminal.

"I was then questioned for over two hours and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Marie had claimed I had signed her up to the dating site, stolen her phone and taken the pictures to make her look guilty."

Describing the weeks that followed she added: "People saw red and were gunning for both Marie and me. Going to work wasn't an option as I was so depressed I couldn't leave the house.

"I'm lucky the rest of my family never doubted my innocence but there were times I thought about ending it all.

"My mum reminded me that I needed to stay strong for my daughter and that one day the truth would come out. She was right, but they were dark days."

Police eventually told Natasha she would not face any charges but she bravely attended court when Marie was sentenced.

She said: "I felt like I had to go to court because I needed closure. Marie never looked at us or showed any remorse or emotion and that really got me.

"I just couldn't understand that this was my sister. I hope now she realises that what she has done has torn our family apart. None of us can come to terms with what has happened."

It's hard to accept your own flesh and blood could abuse children and blame it on you NATASHA RAISON ON HER SISTER MARIE'S SICK CRIMES


JAIL Paul Dent

end, TATTOO VITAL CLUE Tattoo that proved to police Natasha was innocent

A LIFE LEFT IN TATTERS Natasha was accused by sister over Dent, below

Young Natasha, next to third sister the girls grew up with INNOCENT

Marie turned into a 'difficult' teen PAEDO

Sick nursery nurse Marie Raison abused two kids HORRIFIC
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 25, 2017
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