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My locker ate my homework!

Kathleen Browning is 11 and lives in Rockville, Maryland. She enjoys doodling, writing, and playing piano. She would like to be a piano teacher, an author, a poet, and a therapist. If you'd like to submit to "Pen in Hand," email your entry to

   My locker ate my homework.
   I bet it tasted bad.

   My locker ate my homework.
   I guess I should be glad.

   My locker ate my homework.
   Please don't you be mad.
   You say to tell the truth,

   And this is really not a lie.
   My locker ate my homework.
   I'm so embarrassed I could die!

How many pencils can you find hidden in the picture?


20 pencils

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Author:Browning, Kathleen
Publication:Jack & Jill
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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